Alanna Sharp was a contestant on Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Alanna Sharp

Age: 22

Hometown: Charlotte, NC _______________________________________________________________________

What do you do for work?:  I am a YouTube personality, vlogger, that kind of stuff. I do a lot of beauty videos and vlogs, and I have over 800,000 subscribers.

What will be your strategy?: Oh..strategy? I don't really know..I think I'm going to have to lie, even though I don't like to. If you don't lie you usually don't get as far as the ones who lie.

What will viewers see from you this season?: A nice and possibly innocent girl from North Carolina, hopefully someone that doesn't have a mental breakdown on day four.

Personality?: Nice, stubborn, not too emotional I guess.

Hopes?: I don't really want to get in one of those showmances, because that makes you a threat right on the spot, unless it's concealed. But, that almost never happens. I hope there is a nice group of people, I hope there's no people who literally torment you and break you down to win.

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