Becky Wong
Becky Wong
Birthday: March 6, 1993
Age: 24
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Occupation: Line Cook
Season(s) in: Big Brother Two (Zeebem10)

Name: Becky Wong

Age: 24

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Current City: Asheville, NC

Occupation: Line Cook

Three adjectives that describe you: Determined, Bubbly, and Social

Favourite Activities: Cooking, obviously. Uh, going to the beach, Hanging out with my friends, stuff like that.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?: The most difficult part? Oooh, besides being away from my kitchen, it's that I won't be able to hang out with my friends for a while! We're a really tight-knit group, so this is a bit hard for me. But, maybe I'll get to make new friends in the house. We'll see!

Do you have a strategy for winning the game?: My personality! I'm a likable person, and I know I can get others to like me through my humor, personality, and ability to cook! <giggles> But, really, I have the guts and tenacity needed to win this game. I've fought my way through the culinary industry, and it will be no different in this game. I've just gotta make sure everyone keeps liking me!

My life’s motto is...: Follow your dreams forever.

What would you take into the house, and why?: My recipe book! I keep all my favorite recipes in there, and if I could remember all of them, I wouldn't need it. <purposefully dramamtic> Alas, I haven't remembered them all, so that would have to suffice.

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