Betty Wallace was a contestant from Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Betty Wallace

Age: 24

Hometown: Hartford, CT


What do you do for work?: I am a hair stylist. It's pretty fun I guess, it feels good giving people style.

What will be your strategy?: I will tear that house apart. I have attitude, I have a brain, I have the whole package. I don't want any of these 'SHOWMANCES' running the house until the jury. I also don't want to 'float'.

What will viewers see from you this season?: The whole deal, just like I said. Attitude, sass, maybe some friendships and some laughter. If I end up in a showmance I am so sorry America. 

Personality?: I am not REALLY a mean person, I'm respectful, but still, have a big attitude. 

Hopes?: Hopefully there is no super emotional players, those people cause so much drama for almost no reason. I don't want people being paranoid and freaking out. I won't be surprised if that happens to someone on Day 1.

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