Big Brother: FvGvB
Author Just323
Season 1
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season N/A

Big Brother: FvGvB is the first themed bb fanon series created by Just323.


  • Theme: This season, the theme is based on high school cliques.
  • Freaks vs. Geeks vs. Beasts: The 15 houseguests are divided based on one of the three attributes, Freaks, Geeks or Beasts.
  • Beauty Immunity: For the first five weeks in the game, the evicted houseguest will allow giving the power to grant a houseguest immunity for a week, but with immunity, they're not eligible to compete in any competitions during that week.
  • Big Brother UK Style: This season, the game is not based on the Americans version, this season they'll be playing the season without a HoH or PoV winner and they'll be solely relying on the public vote to stay in the house.


HouseGuest Name Age Occupation Hometown
Alvin Browdy 24 College Student Austin, TX
Gabriel Deschner 40 Carpenter New York, NY
Pablo Atwood 36 Construction Worker Boston, MA
Theresina Chi 27 Yoga Instructor West Palm Beach, FL
Thomasine Fullerton 43 Gym Owner Centennial, CO
Cad Bronte 55 FBI Agent Seattle, WA
Catrina Zupan 28 Motivational Speaker Stamford, CT
Corey Doren 31 Software Programmer Flushing, NY
Elmer McPhee 20 Science Highschool Teacher Citrus Heights, CA
Glynda Andersen 29 Chemist Southfield, MI
Aras Inge 33 Bar Owner Englewood, Tenn
Jania Nye 24 College Student Denver, CO
Lana Monian 28 Website Designer South Bend, IN
Marcus Ensley 26 Clothes Designer Los Angeles, CA
Sherman Alderman 34 Unemployed Raleigh, NC
Kathryne Sisler 22 P.E Teacher Springfield, MA
Tate Cowper 33 Microbiologist Bridgman, MI
Viviene Spreadbury 25 Contortionist Lynbrook, NY

Nominations History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Alvin Pablo Corey
Gabriel Pablo Alvin
Pablo Ineligible Glynda
Theresina Pablo Alvin
Catrina Ineligible Gabriel
Corey Pablo Theresina
Elmer Pablo Corey
Glynda Catrina Gabriel
Tate Not In House Gabriel
Aras Lana Pablo
Jania Pablo Cad
Sherman Lana Cad
Viviene Not In House Thomasine
Thomasine Pablo Catrina
Kathryne Not In House Ineligible  
Cad Pablo Aras
Marcus Lana  
Lana Ineligible  
Walked None Marcus None
Evicted Lana Cad Kathryne

Game History

Week 1

Day 1

  • Lana, Catrina & Pablo were the first three to enter the BB house
  • Lana, Catrina & Pablo were given a task to NOT tell the houseguests about the main twist Geeks, Freaks & Beasts. If avoided being detected, they’ll be immune from the first nominations, if not then they’ll face the first eviction.
  • Lana didn’t agree or like the way Catrina and Pablo were taking the twist so seriously.
  • Sherman, Cad, Aras, Glynda, Marcus, Alvin & Corey were the next couple of people to enter the house.
  • Catrina & Pablo already bonding
  • Sherman, Aras & Alvin drinking alcohol with Marcus falling down the stairs upon his arrival.
  • Many Interactions were house guests getting to know each other
  • Corey & Marcus bonded over video game characters and their design
  • The first fight happened when picking beds when Thomasine pushed Lana’s stuff off her bed to claim it hers and Lana went on to argue Thomasine about the situation.

Day 2

  • Theresina, Thomasine, Jania, Elmer & Gabriel were the last five to enter the house
  • Lana failed her mission by telling the fourth person who entered the house (Sherman) about the twist costing Lana, Caterina & Pablo the first eviction.
  • The next morning, Jania woke up confused on why she was sleeping on the couches, Elmer was the second person to wake up and explained to Jania about the situation. Jania was thankful for Elmer’s kindness.
  • Glynda & Thomasine were not on their good moods as they were fighting over the situation about the twist, Glynda complained why she wasn’t categorized as the “beast”, while Thomasine has enough of her complaining, Sherman tried to stop the situation, but it wasn’t working.
  • Caterina & Pablo were chatting about religion as they were both the only religious people in house. Discussing the foul-mouthed house guests like Thomasine & Lana. Pablo quoted “I blame Lana for putting us in this position, I surely hope we’re saved and that devil leaves”.

Day 3

  • Big Brother told all houseguests that the eviction between Lana, Caterina & Pablo would be in two days, they’ll face the public vote. But, Big Brother planned something for the houseguests. Big Brother told the houseguests that they must vote for either Catalina, Lana or Pablo to be saved from the eviction tomorrow. All house guests were shocked.
  • Lana basically pulled Aras, Jania, Marcus & Sherman into the bathroom and campaigned her freaks members to give her immunity for this eviction. The others were confused and unsure whether or not to save her. Glynda overheard the conversation from Lana and informed it to Catrina & Pablo.
  • With Glynda telling Catrina & Pablo about Lana scheming. Catrina & Pablo ended up confronting Lana in the bathroom, with Aras, Jania, Marcus & Sherman all being bystanders.
  • Alvin, Gabriel & Theresina were all discussing the three nominees they can save. Theresina wishes she didn’t save any of those nominees, but Gabriel & Alvin were calm about the situation any way talking to Theresina that they’ll keep Pablo. Theresina was cool about saving him!
  • Cad, Corey & Elmer were soon joined by Jania who ended up discussing Lana and how demanding she is as a person. Corey & Cad agreed with Jania’s statement on saving Pablo over Caterina & Lana with Elmer’s unexpected hug to Jania as she blushes.

Day 4

  • It’s time for a nominee to be saved. Individually, all 12 houseguests who are safe cast their votes on which nominee to be saved.
    • Alvin - Pablo
    • Gabriel - Pablo
    • Theresina - Pablo
    • Thomasine - Pablo
    • Cad - Pablo
    • Corey - Pablo
    • Elmer - Pablo
    • Glynda - Catrina
    • Aras - Lana
    • Jania - Pablo
    • Marcus - Lana
    • Sherman - Lana
  • Pablo got the most votes from his houseguest to be safe with 8 and he’s immune for this eviction leaving Catrin & Lana for eviction.
  • Catrina was crying alone in the living room as everyone left, except for Glynda as she calmed her down and Catrina ranted about how Corey, Cad & Elmer are backstabbers.
  • Meanwhile, Aras, Gabriel & Cad were all cooking dinner for the house guests until Glynda confronted Aras & Cad about the situation that happened this morning. Cad explained to Glynda that he did what’s what for him and for anyone’s right. Glynda explained that she felt “betrayed” from Cad for going behind her back while Gabriel finished cooking spaghetti for the house, but ultimately getting annoyed.
  • After dinner, Jania & Elmer were alone in the backyard cuddling for warmth, while Jania thanked Elmer for taking care of her for the past couple of days. Elmer felt closer whenever Jania is around him, Jania tells Elmer he was her only friend she has ever made, and then started telling Elmer an emotional story about her life, which made Elmer’s bond with Jania stronger.

Day 5

  • It was early morning, with hardly anyone in the house talking together or eating breakfast together.
  • Lana, Sherman & Marcus were all not feeling hungry this morning as Lana was talking behind Jania’s back for joining the geeks side. Lana says Jania isn’t a “nice girl” everyone think she is. Lana wanted to confront her about being a backstabbing hoe. While Sherman tried to stop Lana in case she did any physical violence on Jania, while Marcus just kept smoking in the background.
  • Lana went up in front of Jania and confronted about her fake “nice girl” persona she has created up for herself. Jania kept quiet while Lana kept her mouth talking, Thomasine, Catrina & Glynda stood up for Jania and screamed at Lana’s face, putting her into place while Thomasine said towards Lana in before she left the area “ I hope you’re evicted tonight, honey!”
  • At the eviction, Julie revealed the percentage of the vote and the goal is to get the most votes to stay in the house and with 92.3% of the vote, Catrina stayed as many of the houseguests were ecstatic about it, while Lana showed no emotion as she hugged Sherman, Aras & Marcus before leaving the house with a ton of boos.
  • Lana had an interview with Julie about her experience being “horrible” and hated some of the girls in the house. But after the interview ended she gave her “Beauty Immunity” to Sherman, as she felt he’s the coolest guys she has met in the house and would totally be friends with him after the show.
    • Lana - 53%
    • Catrina - 92.3%

Day 6

  • The next morning, Sherman, Thomasine & Alvin were the first three to be woken up by Big Brother as they have to milk the cow in the backyard. Alvin was stoked about milking the cow, while Thomasine & Sherman weren’t having it. While Alvin were doing the milking, Thomasine & Sherman had a tiny conversation, talking about the eviction that occurred last night. Sherman was fine with it, as Sherman liked Lana as a person, but Thomasine was glad she left as she costed “drama” in the house, which she didn’t want.
  • With Alvin finishing milking, Sherman was encountered by Pablo who just woke up, Pablo gave Sherman a hug after eviction last night. Pablo chatted with Sherman, getting to know about his life a bit more.
  • Catrina, Cad & Elmer were in the hot-tub talking about the new elements on the periodic table, when Theresina came along into the hot-tub which ruined the geek’s conversation, making it a little bit awkward for Theresina for a couple of minutes until Catrina left the hot-tub without warning. Which made Theresina guilty about the situation, as she didn’t expected it to be this awkward.
  • After a couple of hours have gone by, Elmer noticed Marcus alone in the bedrooms. Elmer ended up talking to Marcus, who noticed Marcus felt depressed after the eviction and Marcus told Elmer “I wanna quit” and Elmer convinced Marcus to give a couple of days to think about it. As Elmer left the room, Marcus went back to sleep.
  • Gabriel entered the room as soon as Elmer left, noticing Marcus sleeping. As Gabriel wanting to know if Marcus is okay, Marcus heard footsteps and snapped out of Gabriel, panicked and ran while Marcus chased after him, screaming to Gabriel “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME” while the others tried to stop Marcus from attacking Gabriel.

Day 7

  • Glynda was cooking breakfast earlier this morning, Gabriel walked into the kitchen along with Jania beside him. Glynda was wondering if Gabriel was okay after last night, Jania answered that question for Glynda and said, he was fine. Which made Glynda happy as she didn’t liked how Marcus tried to kill Gabriel.
  • Jania left the scene as Glynda and Gabriel were talking and ended up going over to Aras, talking about the freaks being dysfunctional. Aras agreed that they need to have a strong connection or the other cliques will nominate them. Jania agreed, but she has a strong bond with the geeks and admitted to Aras, which made Aras pissed and felt alone in the house.
  • Cad & Alvin were in the backyard, working out and having a strong bond of each other.
  • Big Brother called all house guests into the living room, informing them that nominations will happen tomorrow, with Marcus bowing his head down when the announcement happened. After that, Marcus ran towards the rooms and went to sleep, with all of the houseguests confused on what happened at Marcus.

Day 8

  • The next morning, Marcus was the first person to be awake and headed off into the diary room, while Jania noticed Marcus went into the diary room. Jania ran towards the door and begged Marcus to not quit.
  • With, Marcus being in the diary room for a couple of hours, Jania was sitting besides the door waiting for Marcus to come out of the diary room telling everyone he’s not quitting. Cad realised Marcus probably quit, which made Jania emotional as she wouldn’t want to believe Cad.
  • Big Brother called all house guests into the living room, telling all of the house guests that Marcus had decided to leave the Big Brother house, which made Jania disappointed in Marcus in quitting, which leaves the freaks 3 with members. Big Brother told the houseguests, that nominations will be postponed for tomorrow, and nominations will start on Day 10.

Day 9

  • Shortly, a couple of hours after the announcement was made, Jania & Corey were the last people to be awake, they were getting ready for their day in the bathrooms discussing about the events that happened prior to Marcus quitting. Jania didn’t want Marcus to quit, as the freaks are down in numbers. Corey cheered Jania up with a dance, but Jania wasn’t pleased as she was still depressed over the situation.
  • Sherman & Thomasine ended up getting one on one time, after they had another small conversation about their lives. Sherman revealed about his past and how he acted depressed. Thomasine felt sorry for Sherman and gave him a hug and felt sorry for him.
  • Jania & Elmer had their bonding time spending more time with each other, Elmer wanted to ask Jania a secret he has been keeping from her, but Cad interrupted them if Elmer was gonna ask Jania out. Jania looked confused as ever, with Elmer blushing in embarrassment. Jania says she wouldn’t mind as Elmer seemed happier as he’s ever been! Then, Big Brother called the houseguests to the living room.
  • As all houseguests were in the living room. Big Brother informed them that nominations were tomorrow, with Big Brother announcement that Lana gave Sherman immunity for the week, as he’s safe for this eviction.
  • After Big Brother informed about the nominations, Elmer made an announcement that he’s going out with Jania which shocked some people as they didn’t expected Jania to get into a showmance despite how quiet she is in the house. She ended up hugging Elmer and accepting the fact that Elmer is her boyfriend.

Day 10

  • It’s time for the nominations ceremony. Big Brother called the houseguests individually into the diary room and decide which two nominees they would like to be nominated for eviction. With Sherman being immune, it’s time for nominations.
    • Alvin - Thomasine for being a drama maker & Corey for talking to her the least.
    • Aras - Thomasine & Pablo were both nominated as Aras sees them as annoying people in the house.
    • Cad - Catrina for having the least connection in the house in the freaks. While, Aras is nominated because he finds him annoying in some situations.
    • Catrina - Thomasine for being a nuisance and annoying and Gabriel for not confronting his own situation with Marcus.
    • Corey - Theresina for being too awkward when being around her in conversations and Thomasine for having no social connection with her.
    • Elmer - Has least amount of time talking both Corey and Thomasine
    • Gabriel - Gabriel finds Alvin a massive wildcard in the house and doesn’t know too much about him, while Jania is already threatened by Gabriel as she’s already making a stronger connection with Elmer in the house.
    • Glynda - Thomasine for the argument that happened during week 1 and Gabriel for not speaking with her in the house once.
    • Jania - Jania doesn’t know Gabriel very well in the house, but gets weird vibes from him. While, Cad already made Jania’s experience a bit awkward as Cad made the relationship of Elmer x Jania happened.
    • Pablo - Pablo finds Theresina a little bit of an introvert and hasn’t opened much in the house. While, Glynda is blocking his friendship with Catrina.
    • Sherman - Jania is nominated for already in a showmance which is a major threat to him as the public likes people in relationships, which Cad was the one who made Elmer get into a relationship with her.
    • Theresina - Theresina hasn’t gotten the chance to talk with Cad or Alvin in the house and find these guys cocky and confident in the house.
    • Thomasine - Glynda and Catrina are both annoying with their “mom” talks in the house and had an argument with Glynda on the first week.
  • With everyone finished with the nominations, Big Brother revealed who are the nominees for this eviction. With the most votes with 6, Thomasine was nominated along with Cad and Gabriel with 3 votes and there was a 9 way tie with 2 votes. Thomasine must now choose 2 people to join nominations with her and automatically chooses Glynda & Catrina for eviction. With the nominations being final, the eviction will be on day 12! After that, the houseguests were allowed to do whatever they want!

Day 11

  • After nominations, Pablo was the first person to go to the diary room for the day. Pablo was basically discussing about somewhat not expected nominations. Pablo was somewhat thankful that Glynda was nominated as Pablo did nominate her for eviction. Pablo was basically discussing about how Glynda is actually annoying in the house.
  • Corey & Catrina were in the dining room, talking about predictions that will happen during the eviction. Catrina hopes to see Thomasine evicted, but Thomasine overheard Corey & Catrina talking. Thomasine confronted Catrina about it, and asking her why she wanted her evicted. Corey left the scene but told everyone about the fight going down.
  • Cad saw Corey running over to the others, wondering what’s going on. But, Cad heard people arguing so Cad basically continued taking a nap ignoring his surroundings.

Day 12

  • With the eviction coming up, many of the houseguests were getting prepared for the eviction. With, Aras taking his 2nd shower of the season, which shocked a lot of people. WIth Corey watching Aras taking a shower, which made a lot of the houseguests making comment about Corey saying Corey is a little bit “creepy” for watching Aras.
  • With moments before the eviction, Catrina was worried that the public might hate her, due to her actions in the house. Alvin, made sure that Catrina doesn’t get paranoid over the public’s point of view of Catrina as Alvin tried to make Catrina comfortable, but it all it did made Catrina more paranoid.
  • Sherman, Aras & Theresina were having a quick snack before entering the living room for the eviction. With a mini conversation about the next following weeks. Aras believes that more people will be entering the house, but Theresina doesn’t believe Aras and ignores Aras’s statement, while Sherman was on the fence about Aras’s statement. Just shortly, Julie Chen called all house guests into the living room, as the eviction was about to start.
  • With Julie Chen greeted the house guests and asked a few questions to them, it was now time for the eviction vote. Julie, revealed the first person safe in no particular order, Gabriel was the first person safe, who was revealed about it!, then Catrina was the second person safe, alongside Glynda. It was now down between Thomasine & Cad, one of them will be evicted from the Big Brother house, and then Julie Chen revealed that Cad was the second person evicted from the Big Brother house, which shocked a lot of people as Thomasine was glad that she was safe. Cad hugged everyone in the house and said his goodbyes and left the BB house.
  • As Cad left the house, many people cheered for Cad as many of the viewers saw him as a “good guy”. As Cad hugged Julie Chen, they did an post-eviction interview. With the interview over, Julie Chen asked Cad who he wants to give Beauty Immunity to for Week 3, Cad immediately says Alvin, as he has a strong connection with him during the house. Before Cad can leave, Julie chen showed Cad on the screen three mysterious people, which stunned Cad as he left the studio. Meanwhile, the houseguests saw a sign on the screen saying “Big Brother Alert” which stunned the houseguests and started to ask questions on what could this mean.

Cad - 14.4%
Catrina - 26.7%
Gabriel - 28.6%
Glynda - 39.2%
Thomasine - 97.9%

Day 13

  • Aras, Corey & Jania were called into the backyard to milk the cow for the week. Aras was wondering what “Big Brother Alert” means, with Corey & Jania making up scenarios for what’s gonna happen for the quick. As Jania was wondering about her date with Elmer, which Corey got enough of hearing, while Aras joked about Corey becoming a creep, which offended Corey as she ran away from the backyard to the diary room. Jania stared at Aras, as Aras felt guilty of offending Corey.
  • After Corey came out of the diary room, Aras ran towards Corey apologizing the event that happened earlier. Corey accepted Aras’s apology and both hugged each other!
  • With Big Brother calling all house guests to the living room as Big Brother shows three people on screen, which made all house guests shocked as they didn’t know what to expect. Big Brother then revealed that three intruders will enter the competition. Big Brother then opened the doors and the three intruders walked in the house, with all houseguests hugging them except for Thomasine & Sherman.
  • With the intruders Viviene, Tate & Kathryn introducing themselves, Big Brother then revealed to the house guests the twist for the Intruders. Only two intruders will stay in the house, as one of the intruders will be evicted for the week. Shocking all the houseguests, as Big Brother then saying “I will reveal more soon” and leaves all of the houseguests shocked.
  • With the intruders entering the house, Jania & Viviene instantly connected, as Jania showed her the house, while Kathryn instantly went to bed without a word to the houseguests, while Tate connected with Alvin & Theresina as they introduced to Tate and discussed about who Tate is.

Day 14

  • The next morning, Gabriel & Elmer were in the lounge room, talking about the intruders so far. Gabriel hasn’t heard of Kathryn at all as Kathryn didn’t talked to anyone last night. As Gabriel and Elmer continued talking, Kathryn was hearing their conversation through the walls. Tate saw Kathryn and tried to engage in a conversation with her, but Kathryn ignored Tate. As Kathryn then quickly sprinted to the bedrooms.
  • Viviene was hanging out with Jania, Aras & Sherman or the freaks in the bedroom, as they were discussing about what Viviene’s talents which is bending her body, as she demonstrates them her talent, Kathryn interrupts them and confronted Viviene on “disturbing her peace” But Viviene explained to Kathryn that she made no attempts to socialize with anyone in the house, right after that moment those two argued as Jania & Aras left, while Sherman stayed and watched.
  • Big Brother called all of the houseguests into the backyard, as they all saw three podiums. Big Brother announced that one of the intruders will be evicted, but the twist for the intruders eviction, is that the houseguests will decide which one of the intruders will be evicted. But, there is a twist to this, the intruders safe, will decide the four people for eviction this week. Houseguests were shocked to realised that two people will be leaving this week! Big Brother left them after that news leaving the house guests shocked.

Day 15

  • Before the Intruders eviction to happen, Thomasine & Sherman were discussing about Kathryne and how she’ll be useful being in the house rather than Viviene who Thomasine finds “disturbing”.
  • Catrina & Glynda were encountered by Tate, as Glynda wished Tate good luck in the eviction, with Tate wishing them the best. Catrina explained to Glynda that she doesn’t want Tate to leave and Glynda agreed with her, which made Tate’s chances on staying much easier with two people not voting for him. Big Brother called all houseguests to the backyard as the eviction is starting to begin.
  • Big Brother explained to the houseguests how this intruders eviction will work, while the intruders are standing in their podiums quietly. Big Brother then told each houseguest on who they said the intruder they want evicted.
    • Alvin - Kathryne
    • Gabriel - Kathryne
    • Pablo - Kathryne
    • Theresina - Kathryne
    • Thomasine - Viviene
    • Catrina - Kathryne
    • Corey - Kathryne
    • Elmer - Kathryne
    • Glynda - Kathryne
    • Aras - Kathryne
    • Jania - Kathryne
    • Sherman - Viviene
  • Big Brother revealed that Kathryne has gotten the most votes and she’s evicted from the Big Brother house, but not until she reacted as she tried to punch Viviene, but luckily, Gabriel & Aras stopped Kathryne doing any damage. Kathryne gotten back up from the podium and the podium started to pull Kathryne down as she’s evicted from the Big Brother house.
  • Big Brother also explained that Viviene & Tate will decide which four people will be nominated for eviction this week, Big Brother also told Viviene and Tate that they’ll also be immune next week, which pissed off some house guests especially Thomasine. Big Brother left and Thomasine left the backyard crying in the bedrooms.

Day 16

  • Pablo & Catrina were catching up in the bathroom discussing about their lives in the Big Brother house, while Alvin interrupts them and the conversation suddenly changes to the intruders. Alvin discussed about how the intruders so far are stronger than some of the house guests. Catrina then asked Alvin which houseguests are weaker than the intruders. Alvin says Thomasine & Sherman, but Pablo jumps in saying the public may like them, which then made Alvin’s point pointless!
  • Sherman & Theresina were worried about the situation with the intruders getting the power to nominate for this weeks eviction. Theresina was worried that she might be nominated from them, Sherman already knew that he will get nominated by Viviene as he voted to evict Viviene yesterday.
  • Big Brother called all of the houseguests to the living room, announcing nominations will be tomorrow, but Viviene and Tate were called into the diary room, with all of the houseguests confused on what’s going on. Viviene and Tate were entered into a secret room, where Big Brother told them that they can discuss nominations for the week, which made Viviene and Tate really happy about nominations! Once Big Brother gave them the cue, both Viviene and Tate started to talk about nominations and which houseguests needs to leave.

Day 17

  • Viviene & Tate finally get to leave the diary room, as many of the houseguests were worried on what happened in the diary room, except for Sherman & Thomasine as they knew their fate for this week. While many of the houseguests were wondering who Tate might nominate for eviction.
  • Big Brother called all of the houseguests a couple of hours later into the living room. Big Brother called the two nominees in front of the living room and waiting for Big Brother’s command they’ll reveal the two people they want nominated for eviction this week.
  • Viviene was the first person to nominate for the week and nominates Thomasine & Sherman for voting to evict her during the intruders eviction.
  • Tate decided to nominate Gabriel for having the least amount of connection with Tate during the house, while nominating Jania was strictly strategic as he finds Jania a massive threat to win.
  • Big Brother then revealed that Thomasine, Sherman, Jania & Gabriel are nominated for this week’s eviction with one of them being evicted on Day 19. This then leads with Thomasine freaking out about being nominated again and lashed out on Viviene for that. Viviene tried to stay distance away from Thomasine, but fought back with words, while the others tried to break them apart, which then leads with Thomasine & Viviene going into separate rooms for the night.

Day 18

  • Gabriel & Aras were talking about the events that happened last night, with Gabriel annoyed that he’s nominated again, Aras believes that Gabriel might be safe this week after Thomasine’s behaviour that happened.
  • Glynda is all alone trying to entertain herself, but to no prevail.
  • Big Brother called all houseguests to the living room, announcing the eviction that will happen tomorrow night making Thomasine, Sherman, Jania & Gabriel nervous as all four houseguests don’t want to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Day 19

  • Glynda & Pablo were alone in the kitchen without anything to talk about, with Jania walking into to the kitchen cooking up breakfast and complaining about the public not liking her as a person. Glynda & Pablo then quietly walked away not making Jania noticing them left.
  • Just before eviction, Tate & Alvin managed to get one on one time, talking about their personal lives. Tate opened up to Alvin to many personal things affected him during his time when he was younger, Alvin says nothing badly happened to him as he lived a normal life. Tate was jealous of his life-style and wished he had his. Which made Tate very emotional, with Alvin trying to comfort him.
  • With Tate crying in the bathroom, Thomasine ruined their moment with Thomasine shouting towards them to leave the bathroom, as she needs to do her business. Alvin stood up to her saying that he was having a moment with Tate, but Thomasine didn’t care and gently moved them both off the bathroom.
  • It’s now time for the eviction, with Julie asking the houseguests questions that the audience asked them. With many answers being basic, it’s time for the results, in particular order the first person safe is Jania! Which she’s shocked that she stayed in the house, Sherman was the next person called safe which he’s glad that he was safe! It’s now down between Thomasine & Gabriel and the last person safe is, Gabriel! Thomasine is the fourth houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house only hugging Sherman and walking out the front door with everyone booing at her.
  • With Julie asking questions towards Thomasine, majority of the answer were vague as she just wanted to go back home. Thomasine feels like her experience was boring as no one wanted to talk to her, except for Sherman. Thomasine hated majority of the people in the house since no one wanted to “accept” her because she’s black, which Julie didn’t agree with, which then turned into a massive argument. After the explosion happened, Julie Chen quickly asked Thomasine who she wants to give immunity to, which Thomasine said with no hesitation Sherman.

Thomasine - 17.1% Sherman - 83.4% Gabriel - 20.3% Jania - 21.7%


  • This was originally a BB12 season, but I decided to make this a BB Themed season.