Big Brother 1: LoganEntertainment aka Big Brother Over The Top: LoganEntertainment is the first installment of U version of Big Brother. It will follow 13 strangers competing to win the $500,00 prize!

America's Care Package Edit

BBOTT Schedule Edit

Evictions/HoH Comp Saturday
First Safety Ceremony Monday
Second Safety Ceremony Tuesday
Veto Picks + Veto Comp Wednesday
Veto Meeting Thursday
Free Days Friday and Sunday
Care Package Description Recipient
Additional Nominee This houseguest will be able to name one extra nominee, directly after the second safety ceremony. If there nominee wins veto, the will pick a the replacement nominee. TBA
Pick-A-Veto This houseguest will be given the option to select the kind of veto that will be up for grab in the Power of Veto competition. They vetoes are:

Diamond Power of Veto - The winner will be able to select the replacement nominee. Double Power of Veto - Two vetoes will be awarded at the Power of Veto Competition. Boomerang Power of Veto - The winner of the Power of Veto will have the option to use the Power of Veto twice.

Never-Not Buddies This houseguest will not be eligible to become a have not for the rest of the season. They will also pick 1 other houseguest to gain this privileged. TBA (Shared With TBA)
Mind Control This houseguest will be able to cast one other houseguest's vote for the following 2 evictions. TBA
Challenge Advantage This houseguest will get an advantage in the next Power of Veto and Head of Household competition they participate in. TBA
BB Blackmail This houseguest can force another houseguest to make one game move or they will face a mystery punishment TBA (
Super Power Of Veto This houseguest will get a special veto that can be played after someone is evicted for the following three evictions . If played, the week will reset as if it never happened. TBA



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