This is the first season of Zypker124's Big Brother fanon series, titled Big Brother 1: House Of Twists. This season is succeeded by Big Brother 2: House of Secrets.

BigBruv's Big Brother 1 USA


Head of Household: Each week, the houseguests will compete in the HoH competition. Whoever wins becomes the new HoH; they will not only win their own luxury suite in the house, but they will also earn the power to put houseguests on the chopping block. Should one be saved with the POV, they will have the power to put up another houseguest, and at the end of the week, the houseguests that they put up will be the only ones eligible to go home. A new twist will force the Head of Household to nominate three people instead of the conventional two. HOWEVER, they will also receive an advantage; the HOH can give two people each an additional vote. The HOH may choose any two aside from the nominees or himself / herself, or can choose to use only one or neither at all.

Golden Power of Veto: Most weeks, the houseguests will compete for the power of veto (this competition occurs AFTER the HoH competition). Whichever houseguest wins the POV will have the power to take themselves or someone else off the block, forcing the HoH to choose a replacement nominee.

The HOH Verdict: During the vote, the voters may vote for the HOH if they want. However, the HOH will not be evicted unless there is a unanimous vote. If there is not a unanimous vote, then the remaining people's votes [who didn't vote to evict the HOH] will determine who is voted out.

Risk and Reward: A new twist called Risk and Reward will be implemented into play. Once the Head of Household has made their nominees, the nominees will then receive a mission. If they successfully complete the mission, they get a reward that they may use however they would like.


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