This is the first season made by yours truly, JesusOfSuburbidouche.  This season is mianly known for being the first of messy seasons of mine, as I'm always changing the twists due to it not being as "realistic" I thought it would be.

As a personal touch to the season, I added Scrapped Ideas so you can see what ideas I had but thought were dumb or too weird.

The next season is The Golden Ticket.


Jesus Chen

Twists Edit

  • Pandora's Veto Box: Pandora's Veto Box will always be an option to whoever is the Head of Household. However, this season it'll be unleashing different vetoes in the house versus its standard format. Opening the box will unleash one of the vetoes things in the house:
    • Diamond Power of Veto: The holder that uses the veto will get to make their own replacement, overthrowing the Head of Household's power.
    • Silver Power of Veto: An anti-climatic one, this veto works the same as a Golden one. However if a nominee wins the Silver Veto they will be unable to remove their self from the block.
    • The Harming Veto: A new veto added to the twist, if the veto is used on someone, the vetoed person will not be eligible to cast a vote for eviction. However, if a nominee were to hold this veto then they won't be allowed to vote if they use it on their self. This veto was never unleashed.
  • Pandora's Consequence: Along with opening the box, it'll unleash a curse to the HoH who opened it or someone of his/her choice.. The following punishments are:
    • Life of Solitude: The HoH or someone of choice will have to live in solitude until the jury stage of the game after their HoH reign. In their sequestered room, they'll be allowed to interact with one houseguest during the morning, afternoon, and evening.  This punishment was never given out.
    • The Peasant Punishement: The HoH will no longer be able to win HoH until the final three or if they were to somehow gain re-entry to the house after being evicted.
    • Eternal Nominee: Someone will have to be eternally nominated. They will count as a third nominee and they cannot win the Veto or be vetoed, but if they were to win the Head of Household they'll name a new Eternal Nominee. Otherwise, this punishment will become void at the Final 5 if they make it that far. If evicted, the next HoH will name a new one, but the punishment will last shorter than before.
  • Pandora's Reward: This will be rewarded to the Eternal Nominee if he or she makes it to the Final 5 or if he or she survives the Life of Solitude. For now, it'll be kept a secret.
  • Speed Week: Pandora has put in two Speed Weeks, one during the pre-jury stage and during the jury stage of the game.  All events will happen in under twenty four hours, and after the speed week is over the game will continue on with the regular week.
  • Juror's Last Reward: The first three jurors to be evicted will get to choose one houseguest to be immune the following week, making them ineligible to be nominated for eviction.  They will still be able to compete in competitions and if they win the Head of Household, the juror who named them immune will select a replacement.  Eventually, this twist was cancelled after only one week.

Houseguests Edit

Name Age Occupation
Ed Seirer 25 Social Worker
Friday Annibale 28 Hair Stylist
Gabe Imai 40 (Offensive) Comedian
Hailee Mencia 26 Aspiring Artist
Hannah Bolman 34 Mother
Jack O'Mullin 22 Teacher's Aide
Jericha Russo 21 Student
Julie Irias 45 Makeup Specialist
Patrick Oakes 33 Theorist
Rebecca Lee 36 Bartender
Ryan Raglin 29 Short Film Animator
Solomon Vondoveert 30 Online Reality Gamer
Vanne Dimiara 33 Cashier
 Jury: Rebecca 
 Jury: Rebecca 
 Jury: Ryan 
 Jury: Ryan 
 Jury: Ryan 
 Jury: Ryan 
 Jury: Ryan 

Nomination HistoryEdit

Stats 5
Stats 6

Season SummaryEdit

Week 1Edit

Night 1Edit

  • The twelve houseguests are on stage before a cheering audience. Jesus Chen walks out from the Big Brother house out to the audience.
  • Right away, he sends in the first four houseguests.
    • Hannah.
    • Ed.
    • Julie.
    • And... Hailee.
      • The four enter the house, all excited and ready to introduce their selves. Ed gets two wine bottles from the fridge and puts them on the table in the living room. The first four take their seats and already decide to form an alliance between the four of them.
  • The next four houseguests to enter the house are..
    • Vanne.
    • Friday.
    • Ryan.
    • And... Gabe.
      • The next four enter the house and head over to the living room. They each take a glass and pour some wine in it, with Vanne pouring the most into hers due to her slight alcohol addiction.
      • Gabe talks about his life of a comedian. Ed doesn't seem to be interested, as he seems to be attracted to Hannah.
      • Hannah looks at Ed, who quickly looks the opposite direction.
  • The final four houseguests, Jack, Patrick, Jericha, and Solomon, enter the house as the doors lock behind them.
  • All the houseguests are chatting of whatever shit they want, obviously not talking about strategy yet.
  • A face comes on in the living room TV, and it's Jesus Chen.
  • Jesus welcomes them all to the game and wishes the best of luck to all of them and explained that luck might be what's most needed in the game.
  • He explains that Pandora's Box is back, but it's filled with vetoes. It will only go away until all of them have been opened. However, he didn't mention the consequences. Yet.
  • Solomon takes a nice look at some of the shocked faces in the living room and notices Ed, who seems to be completely satisfied.
  • Jesus Chen then tells the houseguests to head to the backyard for the first Head of Household competition.
  • Everyone gets changed into their competition clothes and race to the backyard.
  • The backyard is a pretty hard to see, since it was blocked with a huge hedge.
  • This competition is called The A-maze-ing Race. (So creative.)
    • Houseguests will have to try to navigate their self through the maze. Hints will be hidden throughout, but the come with a consequence. Taking a hint will issue a "penalty" if they reach the finish. If they are first to find the middle, they must wait until the penalty is up. The more helpful the hint means longer waiting, and vice versa. There are twenty-four hints, and houseguests are only allowed to pick up two hints, with the possibility of picking up a duplicate. The first one to reach the finish wins!
  • Five...
  • Four..
  • Three..
  • Two..
  • One...
  • BEGIN!
  • The houseguests push each other out of the way to try to be first.
  • First Turn: Left or Right
    • Ed and Solomon form a pact and take off for the left. Hannah secretly follows them from behind.
    • Gabe and Vanne decide to go right because it's the "right" way. (I should be a comedian.)
    • Everyone else splits up.
  • Ed and Solomon notice some people trying to catch up to them and they start running and make a sharp turn, missing a hint.
  • Hannah is able to push through everyone and went for the first hint, which she decides to share with everyone else that went her way.
  • Gabe and Vanne are leading their own pact to gain trust with some of the other houseguests.
  • Ed and Solomon reach a dead end, and turn back. They're the only two together at this point.
  • Hannah and her pact take another left after hitting their dead end.
  • Gabe and Vanne see the middle, but Solomon and Ed took a shortcut and ran in front of them.
  • While running, Ed makes a deal with Solomon that he can win as long as long as he promises to keep him safe.
    • Solomon agrees and takes off in front of Ed and jumps onto the podium.
  • The bell rings above the houseguests, meaning the competition has been concluded. The hedges lower below the backyard and reveal Solomon has won.
  • Jesus Chen comes on and says that Solomon has two days to make his nominations and tells everyone to head back inside and get to bed.

Day 1 Edit

  • Solomon wakes up from his HoH bed and notices Pandora's Box. He walks over to it and reads the note over it:
    • Opening this box will unleash a temporary new Veto for the week. However, opening this will unleash a devastating disadvantage for you. If you choose to open it, head to the Diary Room with your decision and Big Brother will hand you the key.
  • Solomon finds it worthless to open it on the first week. He unlocks his door and walks out of his room and invites everyone to see his HoH room.
  • Everyone abandons what they were doing and run upstairs to the room.
  • Solomon stands in front of Pandora's Box just so no one points it out of the blue.
  • Ed asks Solomon to meet him outside to talk about nominees, He agrees.
  • After only twenty minutes, Solomon asks everyone to leave his room. Everyone groans as they pour out the door with Solomon being the last one, locking the door behind him.
  • Solomon meets up with Ed and takes a seat next to him on the couch.
  • Ed suggests that Gabe and Vanne should go up since they seem to be close. Solomon then admits Gabe is a potential social threat, but Vanne is harmless and could be a loyal ally to the alliance.
  • Ed doesn't like the idea of having a three person alliance, but keeps that thought to himself and nods in agreement.
  • Solomon grins and calls Vanne over, who was in the pool and chatting with Gabe, who was also talking strategy.
  • Solomon talks about the idea of a Final 3 alliance. Vanne says she's fine with the idea, but only if Gabe is an affiliate.
  • Ed and Solomon both know he's a threat but they need as much help as they can get and they Gabe can be the affiliate.
  • Elsewhere, Hannah and Friday are talking about how some of the guys are obnoxious and shouldn't be in the game.
  • Friday brings up the Ed might be a good person, but Hannah ignores her opinion.
  • Hannah then speaks up and says the girls should be united, knowing it's a huge risk.
  • Friday's eyes widened at the terrible idea, but before she can mutter anything, Hannah says that there's one girl they can do without: Jericha.
  • Friday says she's okay with that and leaves the bedroom to talk with Solomon to at least get Hannah on the block.
  • Hannah meets Solomon outside, who's talking with Ed and Vanne. She takes a seat and suggests her nominee.
  • Solomon decides to agree with the idea, as he so far has no idea on who else to put up.
  • Hannah gets up and heads back inside. Solomon then asks Ed and Vanne who should go up.
  • Ed says it should be a pawn, and Vanne said it should be another threat so at least one of the threats goes home.
  • Solomon doesn't like the Reverse Backdoor idea and goes with Ed's simple plan and asks who should be the pawn.
  • Ed said it should be Gabe since most people see him as a social threat, but because of that he'll be safe.
  • Surprised at the bold move, Solomon "agrees."

Day 2 Edit

  • This was the last day before Solomon has to make his nominations. So far, it seems to be Hannah and Gabe.
  • Ed knocks on Solomon's door, who says it's open.
  • Ed tries to confirm with Solomon that he's safe, in which Solomon starts to feel awkward since Ed tried to nominate their affiliate because he's seen as a personal threat.
  • Solomon then slows him down, saying it's a bit too early in the game to start making big moves.
  • Ed then says that Gabe could be safe either way, and he can easily win the veto as well.
  • Solomon decides to go with the idea of nominating Gabe as the pawn and Ed leaves the room satisfied.
  • Vanne and Jericha are at the dining room table, talking about how Hannah is trying to form an all-girls alliance. They don't know that Hannah is thinking of excluding Jericha.
  • Ed walks over to them and joins the conversation. Vanne gets up and heads to the HoH room.
  • Solomon lets her in, and she starts complaining about Ed. She said he's a little pest and tries to get one of the alliance's affiliates possibly evicted.
  • Solomon says he fine with nominating him, and Vanne leaves the room with a smile.
  • Jack and Hailee are in the backyard playing pool. Jack tries to make some sort of conversation, but Hailee doesn't seem to be interested.
  • Ryan walks over to watch the match while talking about his ditsy girlfriend, forgetting that he's on a TV show being broadcasted to almost one million people.
  • Back in the HoH room, he's told to open Pandora's Box, which has the nomination box in it, which has two key slots.
  • Solomon also collects the keys in Pandora's Box and looks at all the names spread out on his bed,
  • Solomon quickly finds Hannah's key and puts in the box.
  • Solomon can't decide if he should nominate his most loyal ally, or the initial pawn.

Day 3 Edit

  • Everyone gathers in the dining room and takes a seat.
  • Solomon walks out of his room with the nominees in the box.
  • Solomon says the usual speech and turns the first key, revealing Ed's face on the wall.
  • Ed's eyes widen and looks at Vanne, who awkwardly looks away.
  • Solomon turns the next key, revealing Hannah's face.
  • Solomon turns to Ed and explains that he's nominated due to wanting to make a bold move to early and that he's always been a option to be put up and it wasn't last second.
  • Solomon turns to Hannah, and explains that she tried to also make a bold move of trying to form a girl's alliance, but doesn't say that Friday was the one who said so.
  • The meeting is adjourned, and Ed gestures at Hannah to talk privately in the lounge.
  • Hannah takes a seat next to Ed, and Ed starts talking.
  • He says that originally he was working with Solomon, but since he was now on the block he didn't want to work with him anymore.
  • Hannah says that if she's selected to play in the Veto, then she'll obviously save him from getting evicted after saving herself with the Veto, but there would still need to be a target.
  • Ed knew that Solomon probably wouldn't listen to his nominees, so they needed someone to do it for them: Gabe.
  • Hannah thought it wouldn't work if they had Gabe do the talking, but Ed explained he's a lovable guy and anyone would listen to him.
  • Hannah decided to go with the idea and leaves the lounge.
  • Ryan is talking to Patrick about his ditsy girlfriend and how she almost got so drunk she got run over by a car.  Patrick didn't warn him that he was being broadcasted to almost one million people and just laughs at Ryan's stupidity.
  • Ryan asks for an alliance with Patrick, who agrees since no one seems to be making deals with him anyway.
  • Ryan dozes off on the outdoor swingy thing (not sure what it's called), and Patrick goes inside for bed.

Day 4Edit

  • Hannah tries to talk with Friday to see if she spilled the beans, but Friday is giving Hannah the silent treatment.
  • Frustrated, Hannah takes her coffee and tries splashing it towards Friday's hair.
  • The security comes in before any weaves are snatched by the two of them.
  • The two are temporarily taken out of the house to be shown the differences between Bad Girls Club and Big Brother.
  • Meanwhle, Patrick talks to Vanne about how Ryan is the dumb one in the house as he's always forgetting that what he says is being broadcasted.
  • Vanne laughs at this and walks away.  Patrick thinks she made a good impression on Vanne.
  • Ed and Hannah play pool while trash-talking about Solomon and Ryan.
  • Jesus Chen comes on over the speakers and tells the houseguests to go to the living room.
  • After everyone is gathered, there's no Friday or Hannah.
  • Jesus Chen explains how violence isn't tolerated and reads from his Bible how it's wrong, and the incident has been analyzed carefully and the production team has decided to let them have one more chance, but they will both have penalty votes for the two evictions they're nominated for.
  • Hannah and Friday both come out of the Diary Room and apologize for causing a scene.  Almost no one shows any mercy or emotion.
  • (The rest of the day is pretty boring and nothing to newsworthy).

Day 5Edit

  • Ed and Hannah play another game of pool, throwing Friday into the names of trash-talking.
  • Solomon calls everyone into the living room for an announcement.
  • Solomon gets up in front of the living and says that the Veto picking will now take place, and calls the nominees to the front.
  • Ed and Hannah get up and join Solomon, as he draws the first name from the box:
    • Vanne.
  • Ed steps up to the box and reaches in to hopefully get a good name and pulls it out:
    • Jack.
  • Hannah is the last one and gets the last pick:
    • Hailee.
  • Solomon says that the Veto will be hosted by Jesus Chen and that it'll take place in about twenty minutes.
  • The competitors go outside and see six different colored podiums.  Jesus Chen tells everyone to choose one and climb to the top of it to claim it.
    • Solomon - Blue
    • Ed - Pink
    • Hannah - Lime Green
    • Vanne - Green
    • Jack - Red
    • Hailee is left with Olive, a color no one likes.
  • This competition is called Holy Emo-Punk Rock Festival. (10/10 IGN rating for names.)
    • Jesus Chen is a huge fan of punk rock bands, especially Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day.  Out of those three bands, songs from each of them will be played.  The competitors will have to press one of the buttons, representing one for each band, as this will be a guess for which song they think the song is sung by.  The first one to buzz in with the right answer will get to choose someone to be closer to eliminate.  After a certain person loses both of their lives, they'll be dropped into the paint, resembling their color, below them.  Ifsomeone buzzes in wrong, they also lose a life.  Last one standing wins the Golden Power of Veto!
  • First Song (starting out easy): ♫ Please don't make any moves.  You don't know the half of the abuse.. ♫
    • Solomon buzzes in with Twent One Pilots, and selects Ed.
  • Next Song: ♫ She is one of a kind; ♫ She's the last of the American girls ♫
    • Vanne takes a wild guess and goes with My Chemical Romance, and loses a life.  (The correct answer was Green Day.)
  • ♫ Forget about the dirty looks, the pohtographs your boyfriend took ♫
    • Hannah correctly presses My Chemical Romace, and chooses to take a life from Solomon.
  • ♫ I don't care if you don't, I don't care if you don't care ♫
    • Solomon incorrectly presses My Chemical Romance and drops into the five-feet pool of blue paint. (Correct Answer: Green Day)
  • ♫ Welcome to a new kind of tension ♫ ♫ All across the alien nation ♫
    • Jack correctly guesses Green Day and takes a life from Vanne, dropping her into Green paint.
  • The current stats:
    • Hailee: 2 Lives
    • Jack: 2 Lives
    • Hannah: 2 Lives
    • Ed: 1 Life
  • Jesus gets bored and decides to have everyone have one life.
  • Next Song: ♫ If you love me let me go! ♫
    • Hailee correctly guesses Panic! at the Disco and eliminates Hannah, dropping her in Lime Green paint mixed with lime juice.
  • ♫ Well when you go.. ♫ Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay ♫
    • Ed correctly guesses My Chemical Romance and eliminated Jack, dropping him Red blood-- er, paint.
  • Final Song: ♫ I see the shadows on your face. ♫
    • Hailee wins the Veto with the guess of Panic! at the Disco!
  • Big Brother tells her that the ceromony will be tomorrow and she has only today to make her decision.
  • Hailee wants to save Ed since he seems like a nice guy, but then Hannah could go home.  She didn't care who else went home, as long as the two nominees are safe.
  • Hannah whispers that if she uses it on Ed, she'll be safe as a pawn.
  • Hannah tells Solomon to meet up in the lounge, and he follows her.
  • Hannah says she shouldn't be the one going home and it should be Friday since she was the one who exposed the alliance, making her untrustworthy.
  • Solomon agrees and says if the Veto is used on anyone, then she'll go up.
  • Solomon still wants Ed out ASAP, but keeps that to himself.

Day 6Edit

  • Hailee goes to the Diary Room to state whether she uses the veto or discards it.
  • After that, she tells everyone to gather in the living room.
  • She does the usual speech and gives the nominees a chance to speak.
    • Ed says he'll take out Solomon.  Although he's not a strong player, his nominations were basically a decision made by his alliance and some other people.
    • Hannah says that she doesn't want to be saved and leaves it at that.
  • Hailee decides to use the Veto on Ed since Hannah wanted her to.
  • Ed's surprised by the move, but accepts it anyway and takes a spot on the couch.
  • Solomon, completely bewildered, stands up and names his replacement nominee, stating:
    • "I know that I've been relying on people for nominations, but no one seems to be talking to me.  However, a certain someone that told me to nominate Hannah was only trying to throw her under the bus.  And I see that as untrustworthy.  Friday, take a seat."
  • Friday keeps her giggling to herself and takes a seat next to Hannah.
  • The meeting is adjoured.
  • Solomon asks Ed to talk, but he decides to decline the offer.
  • Vanne and Gabe talk about the vote, and think that it should really be Hannah since Friday was using common sense to call her out.
  • Gabe says he's okay with this idea and goes to Hailee aabout the change in plans.
  • Gabe meets up with Hailee in one of the bedrooms and tells her the plan, but she doesn't want Hannah out of the game.
  • Gabe then reassures her that Friday won't expose anymore people and the only reason she exposed Hannah was because she was trying to get all the girls to work together.
  • Hailee tried to make Gabe go on her side and lied that the girls alliance would be excluding ne of the girls in the house.
  • When Gabe asked who, Hailee gave a wild guess and said Jericha, unfortunately being correct.
  • Jericha walked into the room, and said she already heard everything and went to talk with Hannah.
  • Gabe left the room so nothing gets too ugly.

Day 7Edit

  • Hannah bursts into the bedroom Hailee was sleeping in, screaming at her for exposing her plans.  Unfortunately, Hannah also woke up most of the house with her screaming except Solomon and Patrick
  • Hailee plays dumb and says that she's making a fool of herself trying to pin it on her.
  • Hannah tells her to drop the act, and goes over to beat the shit out of her.
  • The security comes in and stops anything from getting too ugly.
  • The security drag her away from the bedroom, as she tries to free herself as she's being dragged to the Diary Room..
  • For the rest of the day, Hannah doesn't come out of the Diary Room. 
  • Jericha suggests to everyone that she might've decided to walk from the game due to her violent nature causing everyone trouble.
  • Hailee and Friday don't care what happened, as long as she's gone for good.
  • No announcement is made yet, so the eviction seems to still be going as planned.

Night 8Edit

  • Friday get dressed for the eviction, still no sign of Hannah.
  • Jesus Chen calls over the speakers that the live eviction is about to start and tells everyone to meet in the living room.
  • There's still no sign of Hannah, and Jesus comes on the TV with an announcement:
    • "Hello, houseguests.  As you know from earlier this morning, Hannah has been taken temporarily out of the house due to her behaviour.  We already gave her one warning from Day Four, and after some thought and consideration from the production team a decision was made.  Because she has decided to break the rules once again and has disrespected my father, she has been official expelled from the game.  This means this week's eviction is cancelled, and Friday is safe."
  • Almost the whole house looked at Friday and Hailee, as they were the main reasons why she got into ugly fights.
  • Ed is a bit depressed to hear his only ally has been expelled.
  • Hailee notices the dirty stares and said Friday started it.
  • But before Friday can do anything, the Head of Household competition is beginning.
  • Everyone gets assembled in the backyard and see Solomon sitting on a chair, rised in the air.
  • This competition is called Stretch and You'll Find Power.
    • The houseguests will hold onto a beam overhead.  Every few minutes, it'll rise.  Meaning the houseguests will eventually be suspended in the air.  Last one standing, well, hanging, wins.
  • Who will win the next Head of Household? Tune in tomorrow to figure out who does.

Night 8 (HoH Competition)Edit

  • The beam starts to rise slowly, and Jericha's hands already start to slip.
  • Solomon, sitting on the chair in the air, almost falls off.
  • Vanne hears him scream and tries to turn around, but then loses her grip and falls.
  • The beam rises a bit higher before coming to a stop.
  • Hailee unfortunately has acrophobia, but is able to stay on.
  • Ryan tries to swing himself towards Julie, nd she siccessfully falls, cussing at Ryan.
  • Ryan laughs as he loses grip on one hand, now relying on his only hand.
  • Time Elapsed: 55 min.
  • Ryan manages to get his other arm on the beam and swings himself to the side to kick Patrick, which almost works as he falls with him.
  • Only six people are left, as Gabe is struggling to stay on.
  • The beam rises even higher, and Hailee's acrophobia intesifies.
  • Friday notices Hailee and feels bad for her and wants her to win, so she throws the competition for her.
  • Time Elapsed: 1 hour, 33 min.
  • Jack's shoulders tense up, and he drops.
  • Ed wants to win to keep himself safe, but knows that Gabe is an affiliate to the alliance and Hailee is a loyal ally.  More loyal than Gabe, actually.
  • Gabe catches Ed off-guard and kicks him off.
  • Gabe loses his grip and falls.
  • Jericha loses her grip, along with Hailee.
  • The houseguests watch in shock, with no one ebing able to tell who hit the ground first.
  • Jesus Chen calls everyone to the living room to watch the replay between Hailee and Jericha.
  • After only 2 hours and 58 minutes, the new Head of Household is Hailee!
  • The whole house cheers as she won while getting over her fear of heights while doing it.
  • With Hailee in power, will she open Pandora's Box?  And who will she nominate for eviction?  Tune in tommorow to find out this week's nominees.

Day 8 Edit

  • Hailee wakes up from her HoH bedroom and notices Pandora's Box and reads the note.
  • Hailee decides to open the box, and a Veto necklace is inside, with a note that reads:
    • Congratulations!  You have opened Pandora's Box and has released on of its Vetoes into the house.  This week is the Diamond Power of Veto.  As of now you're the only one who is allowed to know this.  However, since you opened this box you'll receive the first excruciating curse among you.  Either you or someone else will have to be an Eternal Nominee for the remainder of the game.  If you'd like to name your eternal nominee, please head to the Diary Room and nominate the person of your choice.  Note that you could nominate yourself also, but it'll become active after your HoH reign.
  • Hailee turned the note over and it said if no one is named the eternal nominee by the nomination ceremony, she'll automatically become the eternal nominee and her HoH power will be given to whoever placed second.
  • Downstairs in one of the bedrooms, Julie and Ryan are talking about how the nominations might play out, even though they haven't talked to anyone so far except Ryan telling some houseguests about his ditsy girlfriend,
  • Hailee walks past them to the Diary Room, already stating her Eternal Nominee.
  • Gabe, Vanne, and Solomon are outside talking about how Ed should go home.
  • Solomon wants to somehow backdoor him if he gets Hailee on board and goes out to find her.
  • Hailee walks out of the Diary Room, and Solomon finds her and talks to her about the backdoor plan.
  • Hailee doesn't want to backdoor her best ally in the game and says no.
  • Solomon's currently confused why she declined, but maybe she has better plans anyway.
  • Hailee invites Julie and Ed to her HoH room and reminds them about their night 1 alliance.
  • Julie said she forgot about it, but is willing to stay loyal to it.
  • Ed says he's fine with the alliance and says that there's another alliance of three: Solomon, Vanne, and Gabe.
  • Hailee said she's already putting Solomon up for wanting to get Ed out of the game, but needs another person to go up.
  • Julie suggests someone that's likeable enough to stay, like Vanne.
  • Hailee shakes her head, and Julie then suggests Jericha.
  • Ed seems to like the idea too, and Hailee decides to go with it.

Day 9

  • Tommorow is nomination day, and Hailee already has her nominees set and asks Big Brother to do the nomination ceromony today.
  • Big Brother says yes and tells the houseguests to gather in the living room.
  • Hailee walks out of her room with the nominees in the box.
  • After doing the usual speech, she turns the first key, revealing Solomon on the wall.
    • Solomon's shocked and looks at Ed, who gives him a bitchy stare.
  • Hailee turns the next key, revealing Jericha on the wall.
    • Jericha reassures that she's only a pawn.  Probably.
  • The meeting is adjou- wait, what's this?  A third square shows up below Jericha's picture.
  • The whole house points behind Hailee, so she turns around and also sees a third key hole.
  • She takes out a key from her pocket and inserts it into the spot and turns it, revealing Vanne.
  • The house is shook with surprise, as Jesus Chen announces that Vanne is the eternal nominee and will always be nominated for the remainder of the game and cannot win the Veto or be vetoed.
  • The meeting is now officially adjourned.
  • Vanne gets up and starts crying in the Diary Room.
  • No one seems to notice her until Ryan suggests that she might've quit.

Day 10 Edit

  • Vanne sleeps in during the day, and the houseguests start to think she's isolating herself over something so stupid.
  • Gabe and Solomon are outside away from the rest of the house thinking it would be a good idea to not have her part of the alliance anymore since she's dead weight.
  • Hailee, Ed, and Julie are in the HoH room and they say that the house is going for Vanne, which could have their plan backfire of wanting Solomon gone.
  • Ed says that as long as one of them wins the Veto, Jericha can be taken off and Gabe can be put on. Then the vote could possibly tie up and send Solomon packing with the one vote from Hailee.
  • Hailee doesn't think it'll work, as it would be more successful if Vanne was able to be taked off. But since she can't, there's no other choice.
  • Big Brother tells Vanne to wake up, and she eventually does and isolates herself in the Diary Room.
  • At this point, the house seems to be against Vanne and there's no way she can be saved.

Day 11 Edit

  • Today's Veto day, as the houseguests gather in the living room for the veto picking.
  • Because Vanne can't participate due to being an eternal nominee, the picking will go as usual as it does as if there were two nominees.
  • Hailee draws first with Houseguest's Choice and chooses Ed.
  • Solomon draws next:
    • Julie's name comes out.
  • Jericha is the last to draw:
    • Jack is selected.
  • The competition is set and everyone heads outside.
  • This competition is called Teikuzatto!. (Japanese for "Take That!")
    • The houseguests will be paired up randomly (using and will try to push each other off a platform above water. As time goes on for each battle, the platform will decrease in size. The houseguests that aren't competing can buy balls from the host of the competition, Ryan, using tickets they around the pool of water. Being hit with a ball doesn't make you out, although it could throw you off balance. Last person standing wins, and the person that gets the best amount of hits wins a prize of $10,000!
  • First Round: Hailee vs. Julie
    • The horn sounds, and the battle begins. Tickets start to fall as the non-competing houseguests scramble to collect one.
    • Gabe gets one and purchases a ball, trying to hit Hailee.
    • Gabe is successful, gaining him a point.
    • Hailee pretends to fall, as Julie tries to push her off.
    • Hailee gets back up and roundhouse kicks pushes Julie off, winning the first round.
  • Second Round: Ed vs. Jack
    • Jack charges for Ed, who takes a step to the left.
    • Jack is on the edge of falling, as Friday's ball hits him sending him down.
  • Third Round: Solomon vs. Jericha
    • Solomon underestimates Jericha's strength as she's able to push him steadily off.
    • Gabe takes another throw for Jericha, getting him another point.
    • Friday throws a ball at Jericha as well, getting her a point.
    • Solomon makes a comeback, but fails as he trips over Jericha into the water.
  • Final Round: Hailee vs. Ed vs. Jericha
    • Hailee and Jericha go for each other, as Ed watches.
    • Friday catches him off-guard and he falls, getting third place.
    • The platform decreases more than it usually does, and the girls both start to lose their balance.
    • Jericha falls, but Hailee falls after.
    • Another tie happens between them, and thanks to the footage Hailee started to fall faster making Jericha win the competition!

Day 12 Edit

  • Hailee talks with Jericha the HoH room that the replacement nominee is going to Gabe, and that she's the one after him.
  • Jericha is confused why she's talking like this, but is okay with the plan as long as it isn't her.
  • Gabe and Solomon try to talk with Vanne, but she says she doesn't want to talk.
  • The Veto ceremony begins, as Jericha gives Solomon a chance why he should be saved.
    • Solomon says that he didn't expect to be on the block, but says that it's Ed fault and suggests everyone to go after that "snake." Ed gives him the middle finger.
  • Jericha decides to use the Veto on her self, but before she can say the rest, the TV says that Hailee opened Pandora's Box and this week's Veto is the Diamond Veto, and Jericha must name her own replacement.
  • Hailee winks at Jericha, and Jericha names Gabe as the replacement nominee and gives her reasoning:
    • "Gabe, Hailee is the reason why you're up. She's the one after you, not me. So don't take it as if I'm against you."
  • The meeting is adjourned, and eviction will be in two days.
  • Who will go home? Tune in tomorrow as Solomon, Gabe, and Vanne face the block.

Day 13Edit

  • Hailee and Ed know that Vanne has been acting strange over the past who weeks and start speculating that she's actually bipolar.
  • Hailee says that Solomon needs to be gone nevertheless and they have to drive attention away from Vanne.
  • Ed said the best way is to explain to them that Vanne is only putting on a show to keep her allies safe.
  • Hailee thinks that this could backfire since Vanne could find out and get even more depressed or upset.
  • Ed said it was the only option left at this point and if it doesn't work, nothing else will.
  • Hailee sighs and tells Ed to go out and start convincing.
  • Ed walks out of the HoH bedroom and recruits Ryan and Patrick from outside to vote out Solomon.
  • Ryan says he's fine with the idea, but Patrick asks why they should vote him over Vanne.
  • Ed said that Vanne is just trying to pull attention away from them, and although Patrick becomes more skeptical he decides to vote him.
  • Ed leaves the backyard, and Patrick starts to think that Ed is taking advantage of Vanne's emotional or possible mental state.
  • Ryan, being the little dumbass he is, just thinks Vanne really is putting on a show and is just posing as a fake bipolar.
  • Patrick, disappointed and Ryan's stupidity, abandons him and heads inside.
  • Hailee is already in the living room with Friday saying that Solomon is the one that needs to leave and not Vanne.
  • Friday immediately thinks that the only reason Hailee wants Vanne to stay is to make her suffer more on the block.
  • Hailee tells her to not jump to conclusions, and Jericha is able to come into the fight and overthrow Friday's side two to one.
  • Friday goes over to tell Vanne about the news, without knowing that she's the one making the situation worse.
  • Jericha agrees to vote out Solomon, and Hailee sighs with relief.
  • So far, the votes are going well since Hailee only needs at least four votes.

Day 14Edit

  • The day of the eviction, Friday and Vanne are already fighting about the fight from yesterday with Hailee, Jericha, and Friday herself.
  • Vanne says that she didn't want her to try to throw them under the bus because it would cause even more problems and she isolates herself again in the DR.
  • Hailee and Jericha hold back their giggling of how Friday made a fool of herself.
  • Jericha asks if she could be an ally, and Hailee comes up with a better idea and recruits her to the alliance of herself, Ed, and Julie.
  • Jericha accepts the alliance deal and the two share a fist bump.
  • Hailee invites the alliance of four to figure out an alliance name, and the room goes silent for a while.
  • Jericha comes up with The Middle Fingers.
  • Hailee, startled by the idea, asks why she came up with that and Jericha explains that she remembered Ed giving Solomon a middle finger, and the alliance is basically doing the same this week, hence the name.
  • Hailee holds a vote, and is outnumbered three to one.
  • And so, The Middle Fingers alliance was formed.
  • Meanwhile, Patrick and ditsy Ryan want Vanne out of the game and just need Jack to join their side and call him over.
  • Jack listens to their idea of a blindside and decides to go with it.

Night 15Edit

  • It's been a crazy week in the Big Brother house.  A possibly powerful alliance has been formed, but will it be enough to take them far? 
  • On the block we have Solomon, who tried to go after one of the Middle Fingers alliance members from week one. Next to him we have Gabe, who's been hiding in the shadows this week but has been on everyone's good side.  And finally, our Eternal Nominee, Vanne, who's bipolar disorder has unfortunately been triggered due to becoming the Eternal Nominee.  Tonight, one of them will head home for good with no chance back in.
  • Jesus Chen comes on the TV for the live eviction to start and says the usual stuff and gives the nominees a chance to speak, Solomon is first.
    • "OK, people.  I really don't deserve to be up here but I think I shoud be kept over everyone else on this block because I'm not as threatening as you think and you should consider that when casting your vote.  Thank you."
  • Gabe is next.
    • "Jericha, I have nothing against you because Hailee wanted me as the replacement nominee and you were the only one who could do that and I respect you for that.  As for everyone else in this game, I really want to stay in the game and get to meet more of you and get to know you more as a friend and I could be a great asset to you and that's all.  Good luck to my fellow nominees."
  • Vanne is last.
    • "First, I wanna apologize for my sudden change during the game.  No one likes being eternally nominated, but you probably didn't expect me to take it that far and completely isolate myself.  With that said, if you were planning on evicting me for isolating myself, please don't.  I want to play this game and play it the right way rather than have to isolate myself and unwillingly make everyone feel bad for me.  So I'd appreciate you'd vote for me to stay and that's all."
  • The voting process begins and one by one they all vote.
  • The voting finishes, and Jesus Chen announces that it's a 3-3-1 tie.  Gabe, who only received one vote, is safe.
  • Hailee stands and casts her vote.
    • "Well, I didn't think the vote would tie, but I'm pretty I know who did this and it's someone I forgot to talk to.  Nevertheless, I a woman of my word to my allies, and tonight my vote is for Solomon."
  • "By a vote of 4-3-1, Solomon, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."
  • Solomon stands and hugs his allies that sat on the block with him hugs everyone else.
  • Solomon gets his bags and walks out the front door to a cheering audience (don't worry it's not the production team that prevents audience members from booing).
  • Jesus Chen asks Solomon what his biggest flaw in the game was, and he said it was probably trying to go for his ally Ed during the first week and that made him the target that week.
  • Jesus thanks him for playing the game but after fourteen days, it had to come to an end.

Night 15 (HoH Competittion)Edit

  • This next competition is a classic game of Majority Rules.
    • There'll be nine questions.  For each one, the houseguests will have an option between two choices.  If they answer in the majority, they'll be safe.  Answering in the minority will eliminate you.  If the nine questions run out and there's still more than one houseguest left, the tiebreaker will occur.
  • First Question: Who is most likely to be evicted next: A, Ryan, or B, Patrick?
    • Everyone but Ryan selects A.
  • The majority said A, Ryan, which means Ryan has been eliminated.
  • Who is Jesus Chen's "favorite:" A, Ryan, or B, Hailee?
    • A: Jack and Patrick
    • B: Ed, Friday, Gabe, Jericha, and Julie
  • The majority said B, Hailee, which means Jack and Patrick have been eliminated.
  • Who will most likely end up in Hell: A, Hannah, or B, Ed?
    • Everone submits with A, and the game continues.
  • Who is the prettier one: A, Jericha, or B, Friday?
    • A: Ed, Friday, Jack, Jericha
    • B: Julie.
  • The majority said A, Jericha, which means Julie is eliminated.
  • If all the houseguests were horror movie stereotypes, who'd be the dumb blonde: A, Ryan, or B, Friday?
    • A: Ed, Friday, Jericha
    • B: Jack
  • The majority said A, Ryan (lol), which means Jack is eliminated.
  • Who is most likely riding on someone's dick coattails to the jury phase: A, Ryan, or B, Vanne?
    • All three houseguests submit B, and the game continues.
  • Which sounds like a more appealing duo: A, Ryan and Patrick, or B, Hailee and Jericha?
    • A: Ed.
    • B: Friday and Jericha.
  • The majority said B, which means Ed is eliminated.
  • Who would most likely pull off a Cody at the final three: A, Ed, or B, Jericha?
    • A: Friday
    • B: Jericha
  • There is a tie, therefore no one is eliminated.
  • Who will be more successful at life: A, Jack, or B, Ed?
    • A: Friday
    • B: Jericha
  • There is a tie, therefore no one is eliminated and we move on to the tibreaker.
  • In minutes, how long was the second Head of Household competition?
    • Friday: 126 minutes.
    • Jericha: 165 minutes.
  • The correct answer was 178 minutes, which means Jericha is the new Head of Household!

Day 15Edit

  • Jericha holds a meeting for the Middle Fingers outside to discuss gameplay.  It's currently 4:12 AM, and no one else is awake yet.
  • Jericha says that Jack was the one probably caused the tie vote, and wants to go for him.
  • Hailee agrees with the plan, and asks Julie and Ed on suggestions for pawns.
  • Ed votes Patrick, and Hannah votes Gabe.
  • Hailee says that Gabe will most likely stay in the house and that he should be the pawn.
  • Jericha agrees and has her nominees in tact for the week.
  • A few hours later when everyone is up, Patrick and Ryan are thinking that Jack caused the tie, and he's therefore untrustworthy.
  • Ryan just thinks he might've thought everyone was going to do the same, and Patrick leaves him to talk with Jack.
  • Patrick brings up the topic of last week's eviction, but Jack says he wasn't the flipper.
  • Patrick then asks him who did it, and Jack says it was Jericha.
  • Jericha hears her name being thrown out and walks over to him, asking why she's do that.
  • Patrick heads inside, while Jack tries to act smart.
  • Ed and Patrick have a conversation about the vote and asks why he voted Solomon.
  • Ed says that he was going after him during the first week and thus is why he wanted him gone.
  • Patrick gets a feeling that Ed and Hailee are working together, but keeps that to himself as Ed asks him for an alliance between just the two of them.
  • Patrick knows he can easily get more info this way and agreees to the alliance deal.

Day 16Edit

  • Nothing interesting happened on the feeds.

Day 17Edit

  • Jericha begins the nomination ceremony as everyone looks at the memory wall behind her.
  • She turns the first key, revealing Jack's face on the wall.
  • Jericha turns the next key, revealing Gabe's face.
  • Jericha says that any of the nominees could go home and they shouldn't be comfortable if they think they're a pawn or not.
  • Vanne is nominated again as a third nominee due to Pandora's Box, and the meeting is adjoured.
  • Jack instantly becomes worried that he'll be going home and starts going around and campaigning for him to stay.
  • He goes to Patrick and Ryan first, and they both agree to keep him safe, while Patrick crosses his fingers behind his back.
  • After Jack leaves, Patrick explains that they can't let him get away with being safe.  He was the one that caused the tie vote, after all.
  • For the first time, Ryan understands something and agrees to take him out with Patrick.
  • Ed and Vanne are talking over a game of pool that Jack is the target and not her.
  • Vanne knows she's a pawn, but asks if Gabe is really safe.
  • Ed says that Jericha told him that Gabe was a pawn too, and as long as no one flips it's goodbye Jack.
  • Vanne seems amused and heads back inside the house to take a nap.
  • Jericha and Hailee are in the HoH bedroom, knowing that they're the two stronger people in the alliance.  They decide it would be best to form a final two alliance between them and only eliminate the other half at the final four.
  • Meanwhile, Julie and Friday are talking about how Jack caused the tie vote and need him out.
  • The day comes to a close, as Jack feels like he did his best to compaign.

Day 18 (Veto Competition)Edit

  • It's time for the Veto competition, as everyone is in the living room to begin the Veto picking.
  • The nominees, except Vanne, are called to the front of the room to draw from the box.
  • Jericha, as HoH, goes first.
    • She draws Friday.
  • Gabe goes next and draws Julie.
  • Jack draws last and gets Patrick.
  • Vanne will be hosting the competition and as she heads to the Diary Room for the Veto instructions and costume.
  • A few moments later, everyone is outside for the competition.
  • This competition is called Stairway to the Veto Gods.
    • The houseguests will have to run around the backyard looking for blocks to build a stairway upwards to grab the Veto necklace.  However, if someone finds a Veto necklace on the ground, it will be a secret Veto they can hold onto their self and can use it at one of the next four Veto ceremonies.  But the first person to climb to the top, with all ten steps found for their stairway, and claim the Veto necklace wins the Veto!
  • The horn sounds, and the competition begins.
  • Jericha immediately finds a block and places it down.
  • Jack finds two and that puts him the lead.
  • Hailee and Ed start to worry that Jack will win this for good.
  • Some more blocks fall from the sky, as Gabe and Jericha are able to get a stack of three.
  • Current Standings:
    • Jericha: Four Blocks
    • Gabe: Three Blocks
    • Jack: Two Blocks
    • Everyone else is at zero.
  • One block falls from the sky, making Julie unconscious and taking her out of the competition.
  • Meanwhile, Jericha is able to get another stasck of three, as Gabe and some others copy her startegy.
  • Jericha now has seven, Gabe has six, Patrick and Friday have three, and Jack still has two.
  • Jericha brings in another three, and starts to place the final steps.
  • Gabe comes in with four, but Jericha is already up with the Veto necklace around her neck.
  • Which means Jericha has one the Golden Power of Veto!
  • Jack kicks his block along the gorund, obviously in disgust that he lost the competition.
  • Jericha knows what's she's gonna do with the Veto, but holds the Veto ceremony tomorrow.
  • In other news, no one found the secret Veto.

Day 19 (Veto Ceremony)Edit

  • Jericha begins the ceremony and asks the nominees to give reasons why she should save them.
  • After everyone gives their reasoning, Jericha decides to not use the Veto. and places the necklace back in the box, making the meeting adjoured.
  • Jack tries to get Friday's vote for Gabe and not him, but she says that she can't do that as se was already going for Vanne, oviously lying.
  • Jack uses this advice and tells Vanne that Friday is going for her for the eviction.
  • Ryan and Ed overhear the conversation and definately want Jack out for causing too much drama in the house within only three weeks.
  • Jack thinks he's done everything to secure his safety and naps on the hammock outside.

Day 20Edit

  • The Middle Fingers start to come up with who should become the next target.
    • Hailee says either Gabe or Vanne.
    • Julie votes for Vanne.
    • Ed also votes for Vanne.
  • The alliance comes to a clear decision that Vanne should go home next week.
  • Meanwhile, Patrick and Ryan start coming up with names for their duo, and so far none of them are keepers.
  • Ryan blurts out Ditsy and Dipshit.  Patrick comes up with something better: Ditsy and Shitty.
  • The two laugh at insulting their selves, and Ditsy and Shitty was born.
  • Jack thinks he's in a safe position, and just hopes the house sends home Vanne.
  • Vanne and Friday are in the lounge saying how Jack is going home for sure and nothing is going to happen that will shake things up.
  • Gabe and Ed start to fight over some outside world stuff, though the house doesn't seem to care much.

Night 21Edit

  • It's time for the eviction to start, as all of the houseguests are in the living room, waiting to vote.
  • As Gabe and Vanne don't say much for their speech, Jack is the one who has things to say.
    • "OK, well I didn't expect to go up against these two or go up at all.  But it's because of an alliance, and it's not just two people; there's four of them.  Evict me, whatever.  What I want is Jericha to go home as she's at least part of the alliance, and everyone else, I'm not sure.  But please take her out once someone goes home tonight. Thank you."
  • After the speech, the six houseguests vote for one of the three nominees.
  • Jesus Chen comes back on and reveals the results.
  • "By a unanimous vote of 6-0-0... Jack, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."
  • Jack sighs, but stands to hug everyone except Jericha.
  • Jack gets his bags and wishes everyone the best of luck as he walks out to an applauding audience.
  • Jesus Chen asks him did he regret the way he played, and he admits that it was a pretty stupid way to play.
  • He then asks who's probably in the alliance with Jericha, and he guesses Gabe, Ed, and Vanne.
  • Jesus says that Ed is in the alliance, but Hailee and Julie are the other ones, as Jack gasps at the other members that he didn't guess.
  • Jesus says Jack is permanately out of the house after three weeks.
  • Back inside the house, an announcement is about to be made as the rest of the house gathers to hear.
  • Jesus Chen welcomes everyone to the Final Ten, as they have already survived a quarter of the game, but there's more.
  • Normally, the Jury stage would've already started at this point, but this season will involve a small jury.  For now, it's unrevealed how many houseguests will be in that jury, as it will be revealed once someone is evicted as a jury member.
  • And with that, the night ends.

Day 21 (Speed Week)Edit

  • (I was pretty lazy when doing this so I apologize if it's a bit rushed.)
  • The houseguest are woke up by sirens and are told to go to the living room. 
  • Jesus Chen comes on the TV and announces that this week will work a bit differently.
  • This week is about to happen in under twenty-four hours.  Here's how this week's Speed Week will work.
    • All of the competitions will take place in under twenty four hours.  After the speed week is up, the game will resume to it's normal phase.
  • The Head of Household competition begins, as the TV says to vote one of the houseguests to become the Head of Household as they'll vote in the Diary Room.
  • A timer comes on, reading thirty minutes.
  • One by one, the houseguests vote without talking to anyone.
  • The Middle Fingers decided to vote with the house, which could be going towards Gabe.
  • The votes are tallied, and with five votes to three to one, Vanne is the new Head of Household, which means she'll now have to name a new Eternal Nominee along with the two others.
  • The Middle Fingers look at each other as they're not able to take out Vanne just yet, with Ed being the most pissed off about it.
  • Vanne talks with Gabe in the HoH room about nominating Ed and Hailee, since they must be working together.
  • Vanne still needs to name the Eternal Nominee and asks Gabe for advice.
  • Gabe says it should be Jericha, since she's also in the alliance but is a bigger threat.
  • Later that morning, Vanne nominated Ed and Hailee.  The TV then comes on and reveals the Eternal Nominee is Jericha.
  • The POV competition takes place a few minutes later, with the three extra players being Julie, Gabe, and Ryan.
  • In this competition, it's a simple race around a small track.  The last one out each round is eliminated until one is left.
  • After five rounds, Ed wins the Golden Power of Veto!
  • In the evening, Ed decides to use the Veto on himself, forcing Vanne to put up a replacement nominee, and puts up Gabe as a pawn to get Hailee gone.
  • Ed and Julie think of a way to save both of their allies, and then they realize that the only way to do that is to get Friday on their side.
  • Julie volunteers to talk with Friday, knowing that if Ed did it wouldn't go to well.
  • Julie talks with Friday about sending Gabe home, saying that he's a bigger social threat while Hailee and Jericha have only been listening to him when they were HoH, even though that wasn't true.
  • Friday's eyes widen in shock, and agrees to take him out.

Night 22Edit

  • The eviction is about to start, as the nominees give their normal speeches in why they should stay.
  • After that, the five eligible houseguests cast their votes to evict.
  • After all five votes are cast, it's revealed that Jericha is safe with zero votes.
  • "By a vote of 3-2... Hailee... you have been saved, which means Gabe you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."
  • Vanne starts to tear up as she gets up to hug Gabe.
  • Hailee and Jericha are shocked by the last minute blindside Ed and Julie were able to pull off.
  • Patrick goes over to comfort Vanne as Gabe leaves the house with his things.
  • As his picture fades to black and white, Patrick hugs Vanne as she can't control her crying.
  • Jesus Chen asks him if he was expecting the blindside to happen, and he admits that he didn't even think of the possibility.
  • Jesus Chen asks if he has any regrets, and he says he regrets nothing.
  • Jesus thanks him for playing the game, but after only 22 days it had to end.
  • Back in the Big Brother house, in the backyard, the houseguests get ready to play in the next Head of Household competition, called Trivia Pursuit.
    • The houseguests will be asked a question, then on Jesus's go they will run to a buzzer on the other side of the backyard.  The first one to press it and give the right answer will be able to eliminate someone else.  If they get it wrong, they will be eliminated.  Last one standing wins! (The questions will be about this season and the canon Big Brother series.)
  • First Question:  Who was the first one to be evicted from this season?
    • Julie trips over her own feet as Patrick and Ryan run past her.
    • Ryan presses the buzzer and incorrectly answers with Hannah, as she was expelled, not evicted.
  • Second Question:  Who won the fifth Head of Household on the canon season seventeen of Big Brother?
    • Ed buzzes with the correct answer of Vanessa, and eliminated Patrick.
  • Third Question:  Who was the first Head of Household from this season?
    • Ed outruns everyone again and correctly answers with Solomon, eliminating Friday.
  • Fourth Question: Who was the first person from the canon series to ever win the Golden Power of Veto?
    • Julie answers with Gerry, but is incorrect and is eliminated.  The correct answer was actually Marcellas.
  • Fifth Question: Who won Holy Emo-Punk Rock Festival?
    • Ed answers with himself, and eliminates Hailee.
  • Final Question: How many votes did Gabe receive during his eviction?
    • Ed answers correctly with three, making him the new Head of Household.
  • The audience (not full of producers and people on-set) roar with applause while the other houseguests, mostly his alliance, go over to hug him.
  • Vanne is the only one who isn't happy about this new Head of Household and storms inside.
  • And that ends the night, as Ed will have to make his nominations in two days.

Day 22Edit

  • The Middle Fingers start planning a way to send Vanne out the door.
  • Jericha says that since there's three nominees, there would only be four people voting, and the only one out of the alliance would be Patrick, since Friday is an affiliate.
  • Ed suggests he should nominate Ryan and Vanne, since he wants one of them out.
  • The alliance agrees with the idea, as they high five each other as they think they have mapped every detail out.
  • Meanwhile, Patrick and Ryan say that one of them will be nominated, but Ryan says that'll he'll try to win the Veto.
  • Patrick laughs to himself, thinking Ryan can't win anything.
  • Vanne isolates herself once more in the Diary Room, knowing her best ally has been evicted.

Day 23Edit

  • Ed does the nomination ceremony early, as everyone takes a seat at the dining room table.
  • Ed says the usual speech, and turns the first key, revealing Ryan's face on the wall.
  • Ryan hides his face in his hat, as Patrick rubs his back, trying to comfort him.
  • Ed turns the next key, revealing Vanne's face.
  • Vanne holds back her tears, trying to be strong.
  • Jericha's face appears on the wall, as a reminder that she's the eternal nominee.
  • While Ryan and Patrick head outside for a casual chat, Vanne stays inside and approaches Ed.
  • Vanne starts screaming at Ed, as Ed and his alliance try to stay calm and brush it off.
  • Vanne, obviously in a tough situation, slaps Ed.
  • Patrick and Ryan hear the commotion from outside and try to reak up the fight between Ed and Vanne.
  • Vanne is asked to go to the Diary Room, while Ed is told to wait in the bedroom.

Day 24Edit

  • Vanne hasn't been seen by anyone yet, and the houseguests start to worry she's been expelled.
  • The house is called the the living room that morning to Jesus Chen's voice.
  • Jesus Chen says that Vanne has been violent emotionally and physically over the past few days in the house.  Because of this, she'll be playing with someone else as a partner.
  • The house is shocked by the news, and is also dissapointed that this hellhole of a season is going to be even crazier.
  • The doorbell rings..
  • A middle-aged woman enters the house with Vanne.
  • The house is more glad to see Vanne healthy and ignored her partner.
  • Ryan was the only one to acknowledge her and has a small talk with her.
  • Jesus Chen calls everyone back to the living room for an announcement.
  • Jesus Chen explains that he has a friend, Fuyuhiko, and asked him one of his best players from his hit series, Drama House, and got Rebecca.
  • Rebecca will be playing as an individual and has all the privileges of a regular houseguest, but she's here to help Vanne.  However, Rebecca can still win the game even if Vanne were to be voted out at any time.
  • Rebecca however has a secret: She's won Fuyuhiko's Drama House and has gotten third on its seventh season, so she's a good player.
  • Ryan and Rebecca bond significantly as they tell each other stories about their lives.  Patric is glad to have a small break from Ryan.

Day 25Edit

  • The Veto picking begins, as Rebecca is automatically eligible for being a new houseguest.
  • Ed draws the first name out of the box, and pulls out Hailee.
  • Ed pulls out the last name, which has Julie's name on it.
  • The backyard is set with six different stations, each color coded.
  • This competition is called Kabumu. (Japanese for Kaboom)
    • The participants will have to run around the house and look for three potions, each labeled with a colored lid, and return them to their station.  Once they find all three, they must pour them one by one into their beaker, and the first person to cause an explosion wins!
  • The horn sounds, and the game begins.
  • Ryan looks in the kitchen and finds his first one inside the oven,
  • Rebecca, Vanne, and Ed find one in the bedrooms.
  • Ryan quickly finds his second one, surprising everyone.
  • Ed and Rebecca find theirs.
  • Ryan finds the third one and casually walks outside to not draw attention.
  • He pours the potions into the beaker, and caused an explosion.  To everyone's surprise, Ryan actually was capable of winning something!
  • Ryan obviously doesn't want to pull off a Marcellas and will use it on himself no matter yet.

Day 26Edit

  • Ed and the alliance start discussing potential replacements, and Jericha says that Patrick would be good.
  • The alliance seems to be oka with the idea, and Patrick is in an alliance with Patrick so it would make sense.
  • Rebecca and Vanne are talking about some of the houseguests and who are the threats versus who isn't.
  • Vanne calls Ryan a threat, and Rebecca, disgusted by this, tries to calmly leave without warning.
  • Although Vanne doesn't know why she did that, she took a nap that afternoon.
  • Ryan began his Veto ceremony, and with his Veto he decides to save himself from the block.
  • Ed stands, and nominates Patrick as the replacement.
  • Patrick, a litle confused, takes a seat on the couch next to Vanne.
  • The meeting is adjourned, as the nominees are in place for eviction to take place in two days.
  • As Ryan is happy that he won the Veto and saved himself, he's still concerned about his ally, Patrick, and invites him to chat outside.
  • Ryan says that he'll start to take the game more seriously, whether Patrick gets evicted or not, and suggests that the alliance of two might need a third member.
  • Patrick agrees with this idea, but the only person they could invite would be Rebecca.
  • Ryan says that as long as she doesn't seem like an ally to the rest, she'll just be seen as an outsider.
  • Patrick then warns Ryan that if they don't win the next Head of Household, they're done.
  • Ryan promises  that he'll try to win, as long as it isn't anything like trivia.

Day 27Edit

  • Ryan talks with Rebecca while playing chess about the idea of being part of the small alliance of him and Patrick.
  • Rebecca gladly accepts the offer as she's finally found an alliance to stick with.
  • Ryan tells the news to Patrick, and Patrick grins with satisfaction.
  • Meanwhile, the other alliance starts to think that it could be a good idea to recruit Rebecca to the alliance.
  • Ed, however, thinks she might be part of another alliance, and she'll eventually be caught playing both sides, which won't look good on their side.
  • Back outside, Rebecca comforts Vanne saying that she won't cast a vote to evict her.
  • Vanne already has her bags packed for tommorow night, as well.
  • Ryan and Patrick play a game of chess, thinking of who from the other alliance shold go home.
  • Ryan says that Julie is the biggest floater, so they should go for her first.
  • Patrick stops to think about this, knowing tat Friday is a floater too, but is more of a tool to the alliance.
  • Ryan gets him in checkmate, wile Patrick is stunned at how Ryan has improved over the past few days.
  • Ed and Hailee talk in the dining room about who they would axe from the alliance if they were to lose power.
  • Ed suggests Julie should be axed since she hasn't won a competition yet for the alliance.
  • Friday overhhears this conversation as she's walking by to the bathroom, but keeps the information to herself.

Day 28Edit

  • Patrick and Ryan both know that Rebecca wouldn't vote Vanne, but as long as Ryan votes Vanne, the vote should be 3-1.
  • The day goes on, as the houseguests do their casual thing until Eviction.

Night 29Edit

  • The eviction has finally come, as Jesus Chen is greeted with applause.
  • Jesus cuts to the TV in the living room, where the houseguests are glad to see Jesus.
  • Jesus says the norma stuff abot nominees not voting etc., and the eviction voting stars starts.
  • All five houseguests cast their votes votes, and it's time to reveal the results.
  • "By a vote of 4-1-0.. Patrick, you are safe.  With four votes to evict... Vanne, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."
  • Vanne stands up and hugs everyone, even Ed, as she grabs her bags and heads for the door.
  • She walks out to the audience, and a standing ovation.
  • Vanne is overwhelmed by the support, as Jesus Chen waves his hand over them, and they go silent.
  • Jesus asks Vanne why did she apply if she knew she was going to be all over the place.
  • Vanne admits that her bipolar disorder only affected her where she was in places like parties and such where something is bound to get wild, and she thought everyone was going to be nice to her, however when that didn't happen that's when the whole mess started.
  • Jesus Chen asks how does it feel when she was the last of her alliance between her, Gabe and Solomon.
  • Vanne says she never took note of it, but looking back is an accomplishment.
  • Jesus Chen says that she has been able to actually make it to the Jury Stage of the game and she will be able to crown the winner of Big Brother.
  • But first, she has the power to grant someone in the house immunity.
  • Vanne doesn't want to give Rebecca immunity, only because she wants the other houseguests to have a chance.  She chooses Ryan.
  • Ryan is now immune this week and can't be nominated.
  • Vanne thanks him for giving her the oppurtunity to play the game as she leaves the stage to appluase as she walks outside to her limo to the Jury House.
  • The HoH competition begins, but first Jesus conratulates the houseguests on making it to the jury, as Vanne was the first member of it.
  • While the celebration goes on, Jesus waves his hand over them, and they go silent.
  • This competition is The BB Ring.
    • Each round, two houseguests will have to answer a question.  The first one to buzz in with the right answer is safe, while the other is eliminated.  Then the winner chooses the next two to face off.  If you buzz in with the wrong answer, you're automatically out.  Last one left wins!
  • First Round: Hailee vs. Rebecca
    • Who was the first person to win an endurance competition this season?
      • Rebecca buzzes in first with Hailee, as she won the second Head of Household.
      • That is the correct answer, meaning Hailee is eliminated.
      • Rebecca chooses Julie and Jericha next.
  • Second Round: Julie vs. Jericha
    • Who won the first quiz competition of the season?
      • Jericha buzzes in with Hailee, which is correct, making Julie eliminated.
  • Third Round: Patrick vs. Ryan
    • Name on houseguest that has yet to win a competition that was in the cast originally.
      • Patrick buzzes in with Julie, eliminating Ryan.
  • Third Round: Jericha vs. Rebecca
    • Who was the third male houseguest to be evicted?
      • Rebecca buzzes in with Jack, eliminating Jericha.
  • Fourth Round: Friday vs. Patrick
    • Who was nominated two times in a rown before being evicted during the third?
      • Friday incorrectly buzzes in with Vanne, making Patrick advance.
  • Final Round: Patrick vs. Rebecca
    • Who was evicted first, Solomon or Hannah?
      • Patrick buzzes in with Solomon, making him the new Head of Household!
  • The house is called to the living room for an announcement regarding nominations.
  • Jesus Chen congratulates Patrick on his win, and introduces the new twist: Juror's Last Reward.  For the first few jurors evicted, they will grant immunity to someone else still in the running.
  • This week, Vanne as chosen Ryan.
  • Ryan gets up and starts dancing, as Jesus Chen and the houseguests can't stop laughing.
  • While Jesus tries to calm everyone down, he finally snaps at them with, "FUCKING SHUT UP! THIS SHOW DOESN'T PAY WELL, YOU KNOW!"
  • The studio went quiet..
  • Jesus Chen signs off..
  • More awkward silence..
  • Roundabout doesn't even play.

Day 28Edit

  • Ryan and Patrick talk in the HOH room, thinking of potential targets.
  • Ryan says that there's two big floaters in the alliance: Friday and Julie.
  • Patrick thinks it's a good idea to nominate both of them, and send Julie out the door.
  • Rebecca comes in the room and takes a seat next to Ryan.
  • Patrick asks Rebecca if it's a good idea to nominate the biggest floaters so far, and she shakes her head.
  • She says the best idea would be to go for the stronger ones first.
  • Ryan cuts in, saying that if they get the weaker ones out, they lose numbers to get the votes to go in their favor, thus making them weaker.
  • Rebecca is impressed by Ryan's theory, and changes her mind.
  • Meanwhile, the middle fingers alliance plans to figure out who to vote out in the lounge.
  • Ed says that Friday is the only one alone in the house, and even though she's a wild card she could still go home.
  • The alliance seems to like the idea, as most of them head inside.
  • After Julie heads inside first, Ed calls back the alliance and says that Julie has been dead weight and hasn't won a thing for the alliance yet.  So they needed her out.

Day 29 (To Be Finished)Edit

  • The seven eligible hoseguests for eviction take a seat in the dining room.
  • Patrick comes down the stairs and places the nominee box on the table.
  • He does the speech, blah, blah, blah, and nominates Friday first.
  • Friday sits back and has a slightly mad look on her face.
  • Patrick turns the next key, nominating Julie.
  • Ed evily smiles, while Julie is confused to why she's nominated.
  • Patrick says the two nominees are the biggest floaters and wishes both of them could be evicted and the worst of luck in the veto.
  • The meeting is adjourned.

<--- To be continued

Rest of the StoryEdit

The week goes as planned, with Julie being evicted unanimously.  The next speed week takes place, which Hailee wins.  She nominates Patrick and Ryan as the targets, while Jericha still has to serve as the eternal nominee.  Ed won the Veto, keeping the nominees the same, and Patrick went home 2-1.

Rebecca won the next Head of Household, keeping herself and Ryan safe.  The rest of the other alliance is nominated, with Friday now stuck in the middle.  Rebecca was able to win the Veto and kept the nominees the same, and Jericha was sent home when the tie was broken 2-1. 

The power went back to the Middle Fingers alliance as Ed won the next Head of Household.  With the Eternal Nominee twist over, Ryan and Friday are nominated.  Ryan however wins the Veto, and saves himself, unfortunately having his ally Rebecca being put up next to Friday.  And in a shocking tie break, Ed sends home Friday over Rebecca, knowing that Friday could be a potential jury threat since she's been on both sides of the house.  Friday leaves the house in disgust.

But revenge comes right back to bite Ed in the ass as Hailee wins the next Head of household, getting her in the final three.  Although she nominates Ed and Ryan, Rebecca wins the Veto and makes a risky move by saving Ryan, putting herself up.  Ryan stays loyal to Rebecca and votes Ed, who says he wouldn't vote either of them if they make it to the finale.

Ryan wonthe final Head of Household against Hailee, and evicts her.  Hailee leaves the house bitterly like Ed.  The next day, Day 62, the winner will officially be crowned.  That night, the jury had a disscussion about the vote.  Ed and Hailee say that Rebecca deserves to win after being able to make it so far despite knowing nothing upon entering, but the rest of the jury detect bitterness.  The only option left would be Ryan, who was able to kick into high gear when the game got more serious.  Although Ed calls Ryan out for riding Rebecca's coattails to the finale, Patrick retaliates saying that he made the right decision on teaming with Rebecca, otherwise he would've been gone.

During the finale episode, the finalist make their speeches.  Ryan speaks first, saying that his strategy was to lay back and not take the game too seriously until the time was right.  It paid off, as he was able to find himself an ally and was able to eliminate the rest of the Middle Fingers alliance.

Rebecca gives her speech next, saying that she didn't want to get this far, but thanks everyone for making it easy for her to get there and says that she should win for being in charge of the duo between her and Ryan and that she deserves the credit.

Although she's right, in a 5-2 vote Ryan is crowned the winner, with Hailee and Ed being the bitter votes to vote Rebecca.

Final ThoughtsEdit

Overall, this season was a nice first.  Obviously in my next season the layout for the season summary will be more similar to the other ones on the wiki, so look forwatd to that.  Also, I know I scapped Ryan as the winner, but he won.  This was because I felt like Ryan had a "change of heart" when Patrick survived his first eviction.  Therefore, Ryan started to think more about the game, not to a mastermind level, but just at an averaage level.  He was able to shock the other alliance with it, and the jury crowned him the winner due to his change.  Rebecca did take charge of the duo, but she didn't win because of two reasons: she was an intruder, and it would feel weird if she won the game if she didn't even play it at the beginning, and the second reason is because she didn't really make any "moves."  Although Ed and Haille both said she did make moves, it was more like Christmas nominating Mark once Jason Vetoed himself, except it was just getting rid of the Middle Fingers alliance week after week.

So, still a great season.  Ryan will be making a return sooner or later, and some potentials are Gabe, Jack, Vanne, and Friday.  And maybe some more.

Scrapped Ideas/TriviaEdit

  • Originally Vanne was planned to be walking from the game once she was the eternal nominee, but the idea was scrapped.  She was then supposed to walk after she was nominated during Week 4, but this was also scrapped.
  • There was supposed to be a showmance between Hannah and Ed, but after Hannah's explusion it was scrapped.
  • The jury was planned to start at the final nine, but I thought it wouldn't be too "climatic" since the season was supposed to be "excruciating," so it now has a new start point,
    • However, once Rebecca joined the game this actually changed.
  • Gabe was planned to go farther, but since his alliance was now weak he was taken out earlier than expected.
  • Vanne was planned to walk out with Gabe when he got evicted, but this idea was also scrapped as it was too bizarre.
  • Friday was planned to be blindsided Week 1, but this was also scrapped.
  • The Middle Fingers alliance was actually planned to never be spoken about again after Night 1, but I decided that the game needed some sort of alliance so I brought it back up.
  • In Week 4, Friday was planned to be the replacement nominee and the vote would tie 2-2, but this was scrapped since Friday was an affiliate, and Patrick was the only eligible person to be nominated from outside the alliance.
  • Originally, the Intruder twist was supposed to go like this: If Vanne were to be evicted, Rebecca would be evicted as well.  This was scrapped because it would feel forced if the target went from Vanne to someone else.
  • Rebecca and Vanne were originally supposed to play together, but this was scrapped.
    Stats 6

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