Wc Big Brother 1
Season 1
Name Entry Exit      
Brendan Day 1     
Roi Day 1     
Earl Day 1     
Sidney Day 1     
Cooper Day 1     
Jeremias Day 1     
Brodie Day 1     
Ted Day 1     
Kaine Day 1     
Elias Day 1     
Kaila Day 1     
Roseann Day 1     
Hope Day 1     
Sharline Day 1     
Leah Day 1     
Misty Day 1     
Mary Day 1     
Sonya Day 1     
Julia Day 1     
Luci Day 1     
Head of Household
Veto Holder
Jury Member
Big Brother 1 (Wc)
Author Wcplays
Season 1
Days 112
House Guests 20
Winner TBA
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season N/A
Next Season Wc Big Brother Season 2

This is the first season of the Wc Big Brother Series, This season of Big Brother we take to the wizarding world and place the 20 house guests into a house filled with magic.


Head Of Household: Like traditional Big Brother Canada and USA style, everyone will compete for head of household, and the winner has the responsibility of nominating two house guests for eviction.

Power Of Veto: The winner of this power will be able to take someone off the block, leaving the current head of household to replace them with another nominee

Eviction: One by one the house guests will come in the diary room to cast their vote to evict. The person with the most votes to evict will leave the game, and either go home or to the jury. There might be a come back competition in the season.

Houses: The 20 house guests will be split into 4 teams of 5 consisting of the houses from in the popular book Harry Potter; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. The team draw will be random, and whoever wins HoH their team will be safe from eviction. You may still vote your team out if you so wish.

Revenge Potions: After each eviction for the next six eviction the evicted housemate will be left with a choice on drinking a potion. This potion will affect the house in different ways, which the evicted house guest will have a influence on each twist. The bottles they can drink from are; "Together", "Revenge", "Chaos", "Danger", "Advantage", and "Flip"

Spell Casting Room: After the six evictions are up for the potions twist the spell casting room will open up, each with 6 spell books in it. The first six house guests to find the room will get one of the books, and be able to cast a spell on the game. Some of the spells maybe good or maybe bad. The spell books don't have a name they just have colors. Those colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, and Brown. One of these spell books is a team dissolve.


House Guest Gender Age Occupation
Brendan Eberly Male 34 Financial Adviser
Roi Frei Male 25 Chef
Earl Bisi Male 27 Paramedic
Sidney Woolley Male 54 Taxi Driver
Cooper Blackmore Male 43 Locksmith
Jeremias Reinsel Male 62 Probation Officer
Brodie Browne Male 30 Football Player
Ted Prelich Male 42 Crossing Guard
Kaine Peebles Male 37 Judge
Elias Salway Male 21 Medical Student
Kaila Doane Female 44 Careers Adviser
Roseann Yet Female 60 Jewelry Maker
Hope Kelsall Female 36 Hairdresser
Sharline Daboni Female 55 Bus Driver
Leah Margaitis Female 32 Pharmacist
Misty Levitt Female 40 Fitness Intructor
Mary Iakovou Female 34 Teacher
Sonya Stiles Female 42 Librarian
Julia Hurrell Female 37 Clairvoyant
Luci Cathcart Female 27 Business Owner

Memory Wall/Game Status

Click On Their Picture To Learn More About Them

Brendan Eberly (WCBB1)
Roi Frei (WCBB1)
Earl Bisi (WCBB1)
Sidney Woolley (WCBB1)
Cooper Blackmore (WCBB1)
Jeremias Reinsel (WCBB1)
Brodie Browne (WCBB1)
Ted Prelich (WCBB1)
Kaine Peebles (WCBB1)
Elias Salway (WCBB1)
Kaila Doane (WCBB1)
Roseann Yet (WCBB1)
Hope Kelsall (WCBB1)
Sharline Daboni (WCBB1)
Leah Margaitis (WCBB1)
Misty Levitt (WCBB1)
Mary Iakovou (WCBB1)
Sonya Stiles (WCBB1)
Julia Hurrell (WCBB1)
Luci Cathcart (WCBB1)

Have/Have-Not History

Week Brendan Eberly (WCBB1) Roi Frei (WCBB1) Earl Bisi (WCBB1) Sidney Woolley (WCBB1) Cooper Blackmore (WCBB1) Jeremias Reinsel (WCBB1) Brodie Browne (WCBB1) Ted Prelich (WCBB1) Kaine Peebles (WCBB1) Elias Salway (WCBB1) Kaila Doane (WCBB1) Roseann Yet (WCBB1) Hope Kelsall (WCBB1) Sharline Daboni (WCBB1) Leah Margaitis (WCBB1) Misty Levitt (WCBB1) Mary Iakovou (WCBB1) Sonya Stiles (WCBB1) Julia Hurrell (WCBB1) Luci Cathcart (WCBB1)

Voting History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Day 42 Day 49 Day 70 Day 77 Day 112 Finale
Key: HOH Nominated Rep: Replacement Nominee Veto Winner Immune Jury Evicted


Week 1

Episode #1: Premiere Part 1

The season starts out as Drake stands inside the Big Brother house, he announces that this season of the wicked season full of magic, and excitement will sure be an entertaining season, and that this will be the shocking most twisted season yet. He then walks outside stating everyone should be prepared for Big Brother, as the intro portion announcing the house like no other. Drake welcomes back the audience from the intro, stating that this season is Harry Potter based, and that there's three twists that will impact how magical the season will be. Before they could get to the twists however, Drake says it is now time to introduce the 20, that's right, 20 house guests that will be living in the Big Brother house.

We meet Elias, a medical student who hopes he can break out of his shell while we meet Roi, a chef who is a very social butterfly. We meet Hope a hairdresser here to lead, and we also meet Luci, a business owner who wants to break her leader tendencies. Both Mary and Kaila said they just want to be nice to everyone, and they don't really want to play strategical game, meanwhile Cooper and Leah want to play more cutthroat. Both Ted and Sharline want to shake things up, and cause drama, while Brodie and Misty are going to use their strength to further themselves. Sonya plans to stay loyal, while Sidney doesn't care about allies. Jeremias and Brendan plan to lay low, and get along with everyone, while Kaine plans to lead with caution. Roseann plans to not do anything, while Julia says she can already see her winning. Lastly we meet Earl who wants to stay loyal as much as he can, but is willing to back stab anyone.

With all the house guests introduced, Drake then announces that the first five to enter will be, Ted, Leah, Brendan, Elias, and Brodie. They all enter the house, and they run to the different bedrooms hoping to claim a spot for themselves. With the amount of house guests this season, the house was specially built to have 3 bedrooms of five beds, the have-not room which has 4 beds, and the HOH Room which has one king size bed. Both Brendan and Ted enter claim a bed in the forest themed room, Elias and Brodie take beds in the farm themed room, and Leah takes one in the school themed room, they all begin getting to know each other while Drake announces the next five.

The next five house guests to enter the house will be, Kaila, Luci, Sonya, Roi, and Jeremias. They quickly walk in with Jeremias and Sonya taking beds in the school room, Roi taking a farm bed, Kaila taking a forest bed, and Luci volunteering to sleep on one of the couches, stating in the diary room later that she was to try to act nice with everyone, so she can have more easy influence in the house later. Jeremias and Elias begin talking to each other, and getting to know each other due to not wanting to run around and exploring, and they begin to bond, Jeremias stating in the diary that Elias reminds him of one of his grand kids, and that he could potentially work with Elias in the future, and also help him break out of his shell.

After these event Drake announces the next five to enter the house, Sharline, Sidney, Earl, Cooper, and Julia. They all rush in with Sidney pushing Earl out of the way to get a forest bed, while Earl decides sleeping in a room with him is a bad idea, and heads to the school room instead. Cooper goes to the farm room with Julia claiming their beds, making the farm room completely full when it comes to beds. Sharline claims a forest bed making that full as well. Earl confronts Sidney about what he did, where Sidney just says, 'Get over it, you still got a bed" with Sidney walking away rolling his eyes. later stating in a diary room confession saying "it's first come first serve, you should expect to get pushed out of the way for something like that in life."

Drake announces the final five house guests, knowing there's probably one bed left. Hope, Kaine, Roseann, Mary, and Misty all enter the house. Instead of fighting for the bed, both Roseann, and Hope volunteer to sleep on the couches or the floor depending on what people want. Mary and Kaine also say they don't mind sleeping on the floor which makes Misty taking the bed. Mary states later in the diary room that Misty seemed a bit greedy when it came to the bed when the idea of the other four popped up that they can sleep on the couch or the floor. Sharline looks over at Roseann after meeting her, and curses under her breathe since, as she stated in the diary room, she expected she would be the only old lady that everyone would love in the house, and vowed to get her out one way or another.

Everyone gathers in the living room to get to introductions, with some of the stand outs being Julia for doing her own clairvoyant thing, which several of the houseguests find weird and disturbing. Elias stood out to some people, with Kaine stating in the diary room that, "he is a fish out of water." Kaine also commented on Brodie saying that he recognized him as a professional football player, however when Brodie did his introduction he didn't hide it stating later in the diary room, "why try to hide it when people probably recognize you? I want to be as honest as possible to show people I'm an honest guy." Several of the houseguests were shocked that he came out with this big secret, however they accepted it, and moved on with Cooper a little hesitant to trust Brodie due to his competition prowess. Everyone else do their introductions, and everything was left uneventful to say the least. 

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