Season Three
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Aldo Day 1     
Axel Day 1     
Elroy Day 1     
Bella Day 1     
Fabel Day 1     
Marly Day 1     
Marnie Day 1     
Sam Day 1     
Todd Day 1     
Lisa Day 1  Day 31   
Randall Day 1  Day 24   
Emma Day 1  Day 16   
Kirishi Day 1  Day 9   
Head of Household
Veto Holder
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Season 3
Days 71
Houseguest 13
Winner TBA
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A series spawned by Reddit user TheNman1 (A.K.A, me!) and contributed to by myself and other people on the Brantsteele subreddit, Playhouse is a series dedicated to adding character to the simulation so that viewers have more connection and a sense of character and story as they view the simulation. Half or more of the characters in each series are submitted to me by Reddit users (with their permission, of course) and the remaining cast is created by me.


  • Jury of Seven, Final Two: Pretty self-explanatory, this twist marks the start of multiple people being left out of the jury portion of the game in this series.
  • Fast Foward: After the seventh eviction, an entire week's worth of events will occur within the span of a few hours, leaving very little time for organized discussion or time to think on what people are telling you.


Name  Age Occupation
Aldo Rossi 24 Hotel Manager
Axel Jalwits 32 Strategy Analyst
Elroy Schromm 26 Comedian
Emma Rose 21 Unemployed Rich Girl
Isabella 'Bella' Jones 28 Cook
Jeckineh 'Fabel' Fabeles Tin 22 Psychology Student
Kirishi Vowiner 23 Cosplayer
Lisa Brandovi 36 Stay-at-Home Mother
Marlene 'Marly' Yavern 28 Unemployed
Marnie Stutton 30 Fashion Magazine Editor
Randall Terrasco 25 Professional Gamer
Samuel Wick 20 Farm Hand
Todd Fulkie 39 Board Game Creator

Nomination Table

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Finale
Regular Fast Forward
Head of
Emma Randall Fabel Bella Sam (none)

Veto Winner Randall Randall Marly Axel Sam (none)

Aldo Kirishi Emma Randall Marly
Axel Kirishi Emma Nominated Lisa Nominated
Elroy Kirishi Emma Randall Lisa
Bella Kirishi Emma Randall Head of Household
Fabel Kirishi Lisa Randall Marly Nominated
Marly Kirishi Lisa Randall Nominated
Marnie Kirishi Lisa Axel Vetoed
Sam Kirishi Emma Axel Marly Head of Household
Todd Nominated Emma Randall Lisa
Lisa Kirishi Nominated Randall Nominated Evicted
(Day 31)
Randall Vetoed
Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 24)
Emma Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 16)
Kirishi Nominated Evicted
(Day 9)

Weekly Summary

A new batch of 13 Houseguests enter the house, each of them with their own backgrounds, struggles, and goals. They're all very unique, but there is one common thing holding them together, and yet at the same time keeping them from being a unified group: they all want to win by being the last person standing inside the playhouse.

Week 1

HOH Pre-Veto Nominees Veto Holder Post-Veto Nominees Evictee
Week 1 EmmaS3
RandallS3 ToddS3
Randall & Todd
KirishiS3 ToddS3
Kirishi & Todd

The houseguests entered the house in small groups, each claiming beds and making small introductions. During the bed claiming, Elroy joked that they better not mess with Lars’s bed from last season, or else he might return to the house just to yell at them and try to get them evicted. Most people laughed and smiled at the callback, while a few were left confused, as they hadn’t watched the previous season.

Immediately after they had all introduced each other in the living room, production informed everyone that the first HoH would not be decided in a competition, but in a vote. Each person would enter the diary room one by one, and be shown images of each of the houseguests with a name below each image. They would vote who they would want to win the first HoH just based on first impression. The houseguests voted one by one, and once the votes the tallied the results were revealed--there was a three-way tie of two votes each for Bella, Todd, and Emma. They all went into a short speed-trivia competition, where Emma beat the other two and won the first HoH of the season. Both excited and scared to have this power, she knew she would have to solidify connections fast if she wanted to survive past this week.

Kirishi and Randall were talking to each other, and hit it off really quick since they were both into video games. Randall said he was surprised to find someone with common interests in a game like this, and thought he would be isolated for his hobbies and whatnot. Kirishi said he had the exact same fears coming into this game, and that no one would be willing to try and get along with or understand him. They eventually revealed that they had each voted for each other to win the first HoH, and decided to solidify an alliance out of it. Kirishi was all for it, excited to have someone willing to befriend him. Randall, however, was very wary of alliances, especially ones made in the first few days. Randall didn’t trust Kirishi at all, and Kirishi would have to earn his trust, but until then Randall wasn’t about to turn down a potential ally down the road. They shook hands on it, Kirishi beaming with excitement.

Emma was sitting in her HoH room, talking to mostly the other females in the house. Instead of talking strategy with them or trying to secure deals, Emma gossiped about the other competitors in the house and little bits and pieces of information she’d been hearing about them so far. At one point, Fabel was spilling out loads of information that she had been hearing from other people just from the past few days they had been in the house. Emma really liked how open to gossip Fabel was, and at one point interrupted her talking to try and secure an alliance with her. Fabel said she’d be totally up for that, and then went on talking about the other houseguests. She asked Emma if she knew Aldo was gay, and Emma admitted she hadn’t heard about that yet. Emma then remembered seeing Elroy with a piercing in his right ear. Fabel smirked, and said they just might be seeing the first gay showmance on Playhouse. Emma was excited to see it happen, and wanted to speak to Aldo soon.

Meanwhile, Aldo was already talking with Elroy in the kitchen. At one point, Aldo eventually asked Elroy if he was gay. Elroy looked confused for a moment, and said the he was very much straight. Aldo then asked why Elroy’s right ear was pierced. Elroy asked what having a pierced right ear had to do with being gay. Aldo said that most people who get their right ear pierced are homosexuals that are expressing it without saying it. Elroy said he had never heard of it before, but then started giggling a bit. Aldo asked what he was laughing about, and Elroy said that he was wearing the earring in his right ear because he lost a bet with some friends and it was his punishment. Now that he knew what it symbolized for, he figured out why his friends had been snickering so much about him losing the bet. Aldo asked if Elroy was going to take it out of his ear, and Elroy said the bet was that he’d have to keep it in his ear for a whole year, so he’d be wearing it the whole time he was there. Aldo said his friends weren’t very forgiving with their bet punishments, and Elroy claimed that he’s made his friends gone through worse things than having a pierced ear.

Todd was mostly keeping to himself in the house, sitting by the chess board and just playing chess games against himself. Other people noticed this and talked about how weird it was that he was just playing a game against himself and wasn’t inviting anyone over to play against him. Some people said he might just be antisocial. Randall was interested, and decided to go up to the chess board. He approached Todd, and asked if it was okay if they could play a game against each other. Todd said that was perfectly fine, excited to have someone to play against. They played a few games of chess against each other, and ended up bonding a bit over it. Randall found out that Todd was a pretty big geek when it came to games as well, just moreso board games than video games. Emma watched them for a little bit and saw them getting along really well, and started getting concerned.

Sam was sitting by himself as well, but just isolating himself from most of the house. Sam was mostly just...there. He would walk around, sit down while a group of people were casually talking, just listen in and not talk at all, and then leave to walk around some more after a while. Bella picked up on this, and was curious. So, she ended up finding Sam when he was on his own, and she asked him how he was doing. Sam, in a monotone voice, said he was doing fine. Bella kept asking small-talk questions, trying to get into a deeper conversation with him, and he just didn’t give her anything to really work with other than awkward small talk. After a bit, Sam could notice the conversation slowly dying, and Sam decided to apologize, saying he doesn’t talk to people much. Bella said it was alright, but really was getting a little annoyed with his asocial behavior. They sat in the room for silence for a bit, before Sam just stood up and walked to another part of the house again. Bella frowned as he left, not knowing how to talk to that guy.

At the nomination ceremony, Emma ended up nominating Randall and Todd. She said she was nominating Randall, as he was an ugly person and she didn’t want to keep accidentally looking at his face every now and then, as it was not a face worth looking at, intentionally or unintentionally. She then said she was nominating Todd, as he was willingly playing chess with an ugly person like Randall and, dare she say, becoming friends with him. She simply could not accept someone like Todd being in the house for very long either. With that, she declared the veto ceremony over.

After the nominations, Randall asked Emma what the hell that was all about. Emma simply said she was speaking the truth. Randall went off on Emma, saying that if she was going to be a basic bitch and try to evict people just based on how they look, that she should’ve tried out to be the judge of a beauty pageant instead of signing up for a gameshow like this. He went on to say that people like her disgusted him, knowing there were more people like her out there that discriminate people just based on appearance and don’t take the time to get to know what’s below the surface. Emma said she didn’t care if Randall was disgusted by her, as she was getting nauseous just arguing with him. They kept going back and forth for a bit, most of the other houseguests sitting in awkward and tense silence and just watching the fight go down. Eventually, Emma claimed that she needed to go to the bathroom and throw up before she made a mess all over the kitchen floor. Randall flipped her off as she walked away.

Marly and Lisa were talking a bit after the nominations drama. Lisa asked Marly what she thought about the fight. Marly squinted her eyes at Lisa, asking why she wanted to know. Lisa just said she was curious as to how other people perceived it, then went on to say that she personally felt like Emma was being a spoiled little princess being put in power this early on in the game. Marly just nodded in agreement, not wanting to give Lisa any potential leverage on her. Lisa noticed Marly being tight-lipped, but decided not to say anything about it in fear of getting on Marly’s bad side.

Emma was talking with Aldo, and the two were getting along pretty well. Aldo asked what Emma’s home life was like, and Emma openly admitted to practically being a millionaire through her family and their successful business. Aldo’s eyes widened in shock, and he asked her if she was already rich, then what was she doing here trying to get half a million dollars? Emma said she had watched previous seasons, namely season one, where there were all those cute little showmances going on. She came into this game to try and get a slice of that, get involved in a showmance and hopefully turn it into a romance outside of the game. Aldo then said that if she was looking for someone to showmance with, that she should start with Sam, ‘cause the dude was a hunk of a guy. Emma admitted that she had been eyeing up Sam earlier, but was afraid to approach him out of embarrassment. Aldo encouraged her, saying that she was in control of the house anyways that week--she could talk to anyone she wanted and no one could give her crap for it. Emma said she just wanted to wait for the right moment to go up and talk to him. Aldo said that good things don’t come to those who wait. He also said that if she didn’t go to him by the end of the week, he’d go and flirt with Sam instead and steal him from her. Emma jokingly said that Aldo wouldn’t dare, and Aldo said that he’s turned straights into curvy question marks before. Emma giggled at that, and claimed she’d talk to Sam eventually.

The veto competition occurred, with Emma, Randall, Todd, Axel, Kirishi, and Elroy all competing. Randall was determined and fueled with hatred towards Emma, and had both of his early friends, Kirishi and Todd, playing in the veto to support him. Randall ended up using all of this to his advantage to win the first veto competition. He threw the victory right at Emma’s face and tried to get her to look at him, even though she actively looked away from Randall.

After the competition, Randall got together with Todd and Kirishi to celebrate. The other two were both congratulating Randall on surviving to another week, but Randall was still worried about Todd getting evicted that week. He told Todd to go out and try to invite people to play chess with him, since Todd told Randall that he best bonds while playing board games. Todd nodded, saying he’d try his best. Randall then went off with Kirishi to talk about more video-game related stuff. Emma noticed Kirishi hanging around with Randall too, and started noticing how ugly Kirishi was as well.

Marnie was just sitting around at one point, not doing anything much. Sam entered the room she was in, looked around, and then asked her if he could take a seat. Marnie said she didn’t mind at all. Sam sat down, and they both just sat in silence for a minute. Marnie broke the silence by straight-up saying that Sam was quite the looker for his age. Sam rubbed the back of his neck, not really knowing how to respond, so he just choked out a thank you. Marnie raised an eyebrow, and sniffed the air. She then asked if Sam worked on a farm. Sam nodded. Marnie asked what it was like working on a farm. Sam said it kept you busy, dealing with all the animals. Marnie asked if he ever named the animals, and Sam said that he didn’t name them, but his parents had names for practically every animal and plant on the entire property. Marnie giggled, and asked what his favorite names were of the animals. Sam sighed, saying if he had to pick it would have to be their pet dog’s name, Leonurus. Marnie asked where that name came from, and Sam it came from some plant in Europe or Asia. Somewhere east. They continued talking in small bits and pieces, slowly bonding as time went on.

Axel was talking to Marly, trying to see if he could get something out of her or at least see what her hesitancy was since he heard from Lisa that Marly was very tight-lipped. Axel drew her in by talking about his job and his encounters with all this crazy stuff in the wilderness. Marly was listening intently--not because she cared about what Axel was saying, but because she wanted to see if she could get any dirt on him to use against him in the future. Axel then decided to ask Marly what she thought of Emma. Marly shrugged, asking what Axel thought. Axel then said he wasn’t really sure what to think of her, as he hadn’t talked to her enough yet to form much of a personal opinion. Marly squinted at Axel, and Axel stared back at Marly. Marly then asked if Axel was trying to make him talk. Axel slowly nodded, not letting go of her eye contact. Axel then asked if she didn’t trust anyone, not even herself. Marly nodded slowly. Axel said he liked how Marly was handling herself, and asked if she was interested with aligning with him. Marly bluntly said no, wanting to tease him but also turn him down as she legitimately didn’t trust him at all. Axel said he had an offer she couldn’t refuse. Marly asked what it was. Axel started to explain, but just then Lisa walked in, interrupting their conversation. Axel quickly changed the subject, winking at Marly to suggest that they needed to talk later down the line.

The veto ceremony occurred, and Randall stood up, triumphantly announcing that he would be using the veto to save himself. Emma stood up, having to name a replacement nominee. She said that it would be only fitting if the replacement nominee were a true replacement in Randall’s place, in both looks, charm, personality, and overall inability to tolerate. She then named Kirishi as the replacement nominee. Randall glared at Emma, who didn’t dare look his way. Kirishi sighed, rolled his eyes, and stood up to sit in the nomination seat. With that, Emma declared the veto meeting adjourned.

After the veto ceremony, Randall got together with Todd and Kirishi again. He asked Todd if he had made bonds over chess, and Todd said he had played chess against over half the house now and had some very good discussions with most of them. Except Sam. Sam mostly stayed silent during their game. Randall then asked Kirishi if he had been making deals. Kirishi shook his head, saying he didn’t think he would need to. Randall looked at Kirishi, then looked at Todd, and wished both of them good luck, and that he’d try his best to get as far as possible with the one who survived eviction this week. He then left, leaving Kirishi and Todd awkwardly standing next to each other--acquaintances forced against one another. Kirishi walked away, saying he was going to go talk to some people. Todd sighed, and just went back to the chess board.

Bella, Elroy, and Aldo were all talking and getting along. They were having a casual conversation for the most part, until Aldo started asking them how they felt about the two nominees. Bella said that Todd seemed like a nice man, and the chess game they had together was fun. Aldo said he certainly liked Todd over Kirishi, who just seemed like a total nutjob. That hairstyle he had was criminal as well. Elroy shrugged, saying he didn’t mind having some weirdos in the house considering that he was one himself. Aldo said Elroy wasn’t a weirdo compared to Kirishi. At that moment, Kirishi entered the room, asking if he could talk to the three of them. Aldo remained silent, Bella looked away, and Elroy shrugged and said sure. Kirishi then immediately starting trying to cut deals and make plans, not taking any time to have casual conversation nor giving them any time to give their input on his plans or ideas. He then wrapped it up, saying he would stay true to those plans if they kept him. Kirishi left the room almost as suddenly as he entered. Elroy said he was fine with taking out Kirishi at that point.

At the eviction ceremony, the houseguests all voted one by one. Once the votes were tallied, the results were revealed. In a 9-1 vote...Kirishi was evicted from the playhouse.

Kirishi stood up, not saying anything to anyone. A few people wished him goodbye. Emma was just casually chatting with Fabel on the couch as Kirishi was walking by. Kirishi grabbed his bags and walked out the front doors of the playhouse.

Votes for Kirishi: Aldo, Axel, Elroy, Bella, Fabel, Lisa, Marly, Marnie, Sam Votes for Todd: Randall

Week 2

HOH Pre-Veto Nominees Veto Holder Post-Veto Nominees Evictee
Week 2 RandallS3
EmmaS3 LisaS3
Emma & Lisa
EmmaS3 LisaS3
Emma & Lisa

Todd and Randall were playing chess against each other once again. Randall ended up beating Todd at the game they were currently playing. Todd sat back, smiling and shaking his head in disbelief, saying that Randall was the only person in this household who was able to best him at chess. Randall smiled, saying he didn’t play chess often, but knew enough about it to play it pretty strategically. Todd said it definitely showed. Todd then asked if they were working together now, just to confirm if Randall was sticking to his deal from before the eviction. Randall nodded, saying that he was dead-set on aligning with him. Todd said if that was the case, maybe they should make a name for their alliance. Randall perked up, realizing that no alliances in Playhouse had an alliance name yet. They started throwing ideas out there while playing another game of chess. Eventually, Randall put Todd into checkmate again. Todd then snapped his fingers and said that was it! The Checkmates! Randall smirked, saying he liked it. They shook on it, now being known as The Checkmates.

Emma approached Sam timidly, not knowing how to introduce herself or what to say to him. Sam saw Emma approached, and looked up at her curiously. Emma blushed as he looked her way. Emma choked out a hello, to which Sam casually waved his hand. Emma sat next to Sam and decided not to beat around the bush, asking Sam if he had a girlfriend at all. Sam shook his head no, not knowing why she was asking this. Emma scooted even closer to him, to which he leaned away from her, unsure as to why she was getting so close. Emma asked Sam if he ever thought about it, having a girlfriend. Sam bluntly said no. Emma’s demeanor died down a bit as she leaned away from Sam, not really sure how to respond to that. They sat in silence for a bit, before Sam just decided to get up and walk away, leaving Emma to wonder why he wasn’t interested or attracted with her. She thought if it was something she said, if she came on too strong, or if he just didn’t like how she looked.

Lisa and Fabel were talking, and Fabel was just oddly creeped out by Lisa during their conversation. Lisa could sense Fabel feeling uncomfortable, and asked Fabel about it. Fabel lied and said she was just feeling a little sick that day. Lisa nodded, hoping that she got better, especially with the HoH competition coming up. They continued talking for a bit. After all of it, Fabel went around telling other people in the house about how creepy Lisa was coming off. Other people shared similar thoughts about her, saying that Lisa came off as almost a little too genuine to the point where everyone felt like Lisa was always plotting something while talking to her.

At the HoH competition, Randall ended up winning against the rest in a surprise victory. He was extremely happy to be in power after almost getting evicted the previous week. Emma frowned and covered her ears so she wouldn’t have to listen to Randall’s victory shouts.

After the competition, Randall went back to the chess board with Todd instead of straight to his HoH room, playing another casual game of chess with Todd. Randall asked him who he wanted to see nominated. Todd said that he had been hearing people had been getting bad vibes from Lisa for whatever reason, even though he never sensed any of those same vibes when playing chess with her. Randall nodded, saying he’d keep that in mind as a potential backup target. Todd smirked and sarcastically asked who his primary target would be. Randall joked if it was really that obvious. They both laughed, and continued to play the chess game.

In the kitchen, Bella was making cupcakes for everyone in the house. Elroy and Aldo were there talking to her during the entire baking process, with other people walking in and out. Aldo complemented Bella on her cooking skills, saying that he wished he had her cupcakes as little lobby snacks for the guests at his hotel. Bella said she wasn’t that good, but Elroy supported Aldo’s compliment, saying that it was the best cupcake he had since that one time he had cupcakes for a birthday party for one of his fifth grade classmates, and ended up eating them so fast that he smashed most of the cupcakes all over his face. Aldo smirked, and said he wondered what his face would look like covered in cupcakes. Elroy asked if Aldo seriously wanted to know, and Aldo shrugged. Elroy then took some of the cupcakes Bella baked and just smeared them all over his face. Bella and Aldo both burst laughing as Elroy started licking his face clean. Aldo coyly asked if he needed help with cleaning his face, and Elroy said sure. Aldo started licking Elroy’s face, and Bella was just left laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, saying that they were super weird. Elroy said it was totally weird, but that was the fun of it all. After the situation died down, Aldo proposed the three of them be an alliance. Bella said they should come up with a name. Elroy proposed Cupcake Corner, and the other two thought it would be a good alliance name. Instead of shaking hands on it, they ate cupcakes on it.

Axel met up with Marly once again, glad they could finally talk again. Marly said that whatever Axel wanted, he better make it quick, as she didn’t wanna be seen talking to him for long. Axel got straight to business and said that they were both very similar--strategic, yet heavily distrusting of everyone around them. He said that he knew an alliance would never work between them, but proposed a truce--they just don’t vote to evict one another a evictions if one was on the block and the other wasn’t. Marly said she would be fine with that, as long as she didn’t have to shake any hands or promise to any oaths. Axel smiled, saying he’d never do those things himself, so he wasn’t going to make other people do them for him. After that, they walked away, their deal quick, sealed, and concealed from the rest of the house.

At the nomination ceremony, Randall stood up and arrogantly nominated Emma and Lisa. Emma had her ears covered and her eyes shut, so Randall got closer to her and yelled into her ear that he nominated her due to how rude, inconsiderate, and disgusting she was being so far in the game. Emma muttered that Randall was the only disgusting one in the house. Randall ignored that comment, going on to explain that he was nominating Lisa as a pawn as they hadn’t talked much one on one. He then adjourned the nomination ceremony.

After nominations, Marnie and Sam were in the living room once again, chatting up their usual banter. Eventually, Sam said that Marnie was really patient with him. Marnie shrugged, saying she just liked getting to know people and who they were. Sam then said that he’s never talked to someone as much as he’s talked to Marnie so far. Usually he just doesn’t know what to say, and the other person gets impatient and just stops talking to him. Marnie claimed that Sam hangs around some really rude people. Sam said that he didn’t care, as he had all of the farm animals to spend his time with in his day-to-day life, and didn’t need people to talk to anymore. Marnie said that Sam was really missing out with not talking to people. Sam just shrugged in response to that. Marnie encouraged Sam, saying that he really should try putting himself out there more. Sam just stayed silent. Marnie rolled her eyes, and decided to go to talking about their personal lives some more. They continued talking casually for a while.

Emma was in a room by herself, crying. Aldo ended up stumbling upon her and immediately went to console her. He asked her what was wrong, and through her sobs she explained how things just weren’t going her way. The ugly person was still in the game and going after her, she tried to approach Sam and he didn’t talk to her at all--she thought it was probably because he thought she was ugly--and she still didn’t have any kind of alliance and was probably going to be evicted. Aldo comforted her, saying that the big bully Randall would be put in his place soon enough, and that she still has fans inside and outside of the house. Aldo then decided to cash in on this moment, and said that if she didn’t have any sort of alliance yet, why not start one with him? Emma asked if he really meant it, and he nodded his head in response. Emma hugged Aldo, thanking him so much for doing this. Aldo smiled, patting her on the back, saying she would be fine. In reality, Aldo didn’t care if she stayed or left, as Emma wasn’t the most reputable person in the house. If she did stay, though, then she’d be a shield to keep him around further and a guaranteed number on his side. He knew he could live without her staying in the house, though. For now, however, he simply comforted Emma, who really needed Aldo’s company.

The veto competition is held, and Marly, Fabel, and Sam are chosen to compete alongside Randall, Emma, and Lisa. Emma barely tries, not feeling entirely motivated to fight to stay in the game. Fabel, Lisa, and Marly struggle behind Randall and Sam. Randall is going hard to win, while Sam is nonchalantly gaining the lead. Eventually, Randall manages to power over Sam’s brute strength, securing another veto win for Randall.

After the veto competition, Emma runs to a different room, sobbing and yelling how everything just wasn’t fair. Randall yelled back that there are only two fairs in life: the state fair, and the county fair. Elroy laughed a bit and complimented Randall on the saying, and Randall said he got it from his mom telling it to him all the time as a kid when he complained. Marnie raised an eyebrow, asking if someone should go and check in on her. Randall shrugged it off, saying he didn’t care if she quit or whatever just because things weren’t going her way for once in her spoiled life. Randall walked up to the chessboard to play against Todd once again. Aldo settled everyone down, saying he’d go and check on Emma just in case, walking over to where Emma went to comfort her once again. Everyone just dispersed after that.

While Aldo was off comforting Emma, Elroy and Bella were talking once again in the kitchen. Bella said that Emma was being such a drama queen. Elroy shrugged, saying that she probably was a queen of sorts from wherever she came from., or at least treated as one. Elroy then smirked and said that he wondered what Emma would be like as a disney princess. Bella rolled her eyes, saying Emma would be the worst disney princess if they made a movie out of her. Elroy then said that while Emma was being a drama queen, Randall was playing really hard and really fast these first few weeks. He was quite surprised by how well Randall was doing in competitions so far just based on his first impression of the guy. Bella nodded her head, saying Randall was becoming a bigger threat than any of them thought and that they’d probably be able to take him out in a week or two just due to how hard he was playing. Randall was definitely the biggest target in the house at that point.

Marnie and Sam were in the living room having another chat, when suddenly Axel walked in and just plumped himself down without asking if he was interrupting anything. Axel cut to the chase, saying that he knew those two were a pretty tight pair just based on how much they had been talking so far. Axel was wondering if he could join them as a third in their partnership, and make it a three-person alliance in order to secure their chances of making it farther in the game. Sam just sat there, not knowing what to say as usual. Marnie stumbled for words, a little taken aback by the suddenness of Axel’s approach. She managed to say that they would be fine with Axel joining them, and Axel thanked them for taking up the offer. Axel then got up and walked off to god knows where, gone just as fast as he had appeared. After Axel left, Sam said he sometimes forgot Axel was in the house. Marnie commented that it was because Axel only talked to people when it was about strategy, and he made his chats really fast. Marnie shook her head, saying Axel was really rubbing her the wrong way. Sam raised an eyebrow in curious surprise, asking when Axel rubbed on Marnie. Marnie didn’t know what he meant for a second, but then burst out laughing when she realized he took the saying literally. Sam was just left confused, asking again when Axel rubbed Marnie. Marnie, between laughs, asked why Sam cared if Axel rubbed her or not? Sam blushed a little, but hid his face under his hat and said there weren’t a reason behind it, he was just curious as it was a strange thing for someone to do. Marnie laughed for a few seconds, then explained the metaphor to Sam. Sam was very embarrassed and apologized to her. Marnie said it was fine, just that she would have to teach him about metaphors and similes soon.

At the veto ceremony, Randall stood up and unceremoniously announced that he wasn’t using the veto on either nominee, as he had not changed his mind about either of his nomination choices since making them. With that, the veto ceremony was adjourned.

Fabel had seen Emma suffering all week and didn’t really want to see Emma get evicted, as Emma was the only other person in the house who she could trust to gossip to. So, she started thinking about how to get Emma to stay in the game, and started grinning as she came up with an idea. She went to people all over the house and started spouting out lies about things that Lisa had said about other people or what Lisa’s “true” background was. She told Marnie that Lisa was a raging lesbian, and was lying about having a husband, but that she did really have two kids and was trying to find someone to marry and help her out with raising the children. She told Marly that Lisa hated lowlife scum and once had a small vigilante group in her local neighbourhood dedicated to getting homeless people and shady, poor people in their area arrested. She said this and many other lies to everyone in the house, except Lisa. Because so many people were freaked out by Lisa to begin with, they didn’t really bother to question or fact-check what Fabel was saying. After spreading all those lies, Fabel had only hope to rely on that she swayed enough people over to vote out Lisa instead of Emma.

Cupcake Corner met up once again in the kitchen, discussing who they wanted to vote to evict. Bella apologized to Aldo, since she knew him and Emma were close, but Bella was really dead-set on evicting Emma instead of Lisa. Aldo shrugged, saying he could live without Emma in the house if Elroy was fine with evicting her. This left Elroy in the middle, in control of where their three votes would go for this eviction. Elroy started sweating profusely, wiping sweat off of his brow, eyes darting left and right at his decision. He stared intensely down at the counter. Aldo raised an eyebrow in concern, and asked if he was okay. Elroy then perked up, smiling, saying he was perfectly fine. He just wanted to build up tension and give the camera something to focus in on. He then said he already had a decision in mind before they came to meet together, and told them who they wanted to evict. Aldo said that’s who they would evict then, and Bella shrugged, saying she was fine with it. The three then split up, not wanting to be seen together for too long as they had been hearing about Axel just sitting around, watching who talked to who and for how long.

At the eviction ceremony, the houseguests vote one by one. Once the votes are tallied, the results are revealed. In a vote of 6-3…Emma is evicted from the playhouse.

Emma stands up, tears in her eyes. Randall laughed a little, and Emma stopped in front of Randall to slowly turn towards him and stare at him dead in the eyes. Randall stopped laughing and started feeling uncomfortable under her death glare. Emma, satisfied with Randall’s reaction, went over to grab her bags and flipped off the entire house before leaving through the front doors.

Votes for Emma: Todd, Bella, Elroy, Aldo, Sam, Axel Votes for Lisa: Marnie, Fabel, Marly

Week 3

HOH Pre-Veto Nominees Veto Holder Post-Veto Nominees Evictee
Week 3 FabelS3
AxelS3 RandallS3
Axel & Randall
AxelS3 RandallS3
Axel & Randall

After the eviction ceremony, Randall and Todd walked back up to the chess board, isolating themselves from the rest of the house once again. Most of the house dispersed, but Bella, Fabel, Sam, and Marnie stayed behind in the living room, talking about how Randall was winning so many competitions and overplaying these early weeks and how he still had the audacity to just isolate himself to play chess with some introverted man-child. Sam didn't say anything, but nodded in agreement to most of what was being said. The four of them made a pact to get Randall evicted in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, up at the chessboard, Randall was winning against Todd once again. Randall smiled, and Todd said he seemed really happy to get Emma out. Randall admitted that it was the first time he had ever fought back and won against someone insulting and degrading him, and it was a hugely satisfying thing for him. Randall didn't know how well he’d do coming into this game and had thoroughly surprised himself so far, happy to have already done so much in such little time in the house. Todd smiled, happy that Randall was gaining something from the experience. Todd then told Randall to try and control his anger and reactions, as wearing emotions on your sleeve in this game can really screw you over. Randall nodded, saying he’d try to keep a poker face from then on out, but for now he just wanted to take everything in.

In one of the bedrooms, Elroy and Aldo were chatting and getting along. Aldo slowly gets closer to Elroy as they talk, and Elroy doesn't push him away. Elroy talks about the one time he tried to get a comedy show at a local coffee shop, and when he was rejected he made this huge prank with his friends in payback. Aldo was laughing and smiling during the story, saying he wished his life was as bold and crazy as Elroy’s Eventually Aldo was cuddling up next to Elroy. Aldo asks if Elroy cares at all, and Elroy just shrugs saying he liked Aldo. No homo, of course. Aldo smiled, cuddling with Elroy as they talked more. Axel ended up walking by and seeing them cuddled up together, raising an eyebrow in intrigue as he did.

At the HoH competition, Fabel ended up beating out the competition and won the HoH competition, securing her power for the week. She smirked, glancing at Randall upon victory. Her target was locked, and she was ready to get revenge.

After the HoH competition, Axel approached Fabel and asked if she was willing to talk for a bit. She nodded, curious as to what Axel had to say since he hadn’t spoken with her in private yet. Axel asked what he had to do in order to stay safe for the week, and mentioned he was willing to do anything to prove his loyalty to her. Fabel frowned, saying he couldn’t just not talk to her for over two weeks and then suddenly come up to her begging for her loyalty and for safety. Axel claimed that he could, as she needed him in order to stay in a strong position in the game. Fabel rolled her eyes and told Axel he was being very arrogant and assuming. Axel shrugged, saying if she didn’t feel like she needed his help then he’d just leave. Axel started leaving the room, but not before Fabel reminded Axel that he was the one coming to her for safety for the week. Fabel sat in her HoH room after Axel left, baffled at his behavior.

Sam ended up playing a game of chess with Todd. Sam played very well, to Todd’s surprise. Todd asked Sam how often he played the game, and Sam said about five times a week for the past few years. Todd nodded, complementing that Sam was in good practice. The two continued playing for a little bit. Suddenly, Sam looked up at Todd weirdly for a little bit. Todd didn’t mind it, knowing about the farm hand’s lack of social skills, but after a few minutes it creeped out Todd and he finally asked why Sam was looking at him that way. Sam asked what Todd’s last name was again, and Todd said it was Fulkie, Todd Fulkie. Sam then asked if he was the Todd Fulkie that created the board game Journey in Unicorn Forest. Todd smiled and put his hands up in a mock surrender, saying Sam got him. Sam smiled, saying he used to play that game all the time with his parents growing up. Sam thanked Todd for helping him have fun as a kid. Todd smiled, waving it off and saying he didn’t need the praise. They kept playing the chess game, Sam glancing up and smiling at Todd occasionally.

Later in the day, Sam and Marnie were talking to one another casually once again. At one point, Sam randomly butted in that he trusted Todd. Marnie was caught a little by surprise by the sudden topic change, but asked why Sam felt that way. Sam smiled and shrugged, saying that he just liked the man and respected him, and felt like he could trust him. Marnie asked Sam if he wanted to work with Todd in the game, and Sam nodded. Marnie nodded, looking up at Todd playing chess against Randall once again. Marnie said she was fine with it, but that she’d just need to talk to Todd a bit more first. Sam nodded, saying she just needed to find time to play chess with him. Marnie said she was glad Sam was socializing a bit, and Sam shrugged, claiming it was just a game of chess with some small chat.

At the nomination ceremony, Fabel revealed her nominations to be Axel and Randall. She explained that both of them had irked her with their behavior in previous and present weeks, and she wasn’t close to either of them at all. She also explained that Axel was an asocial spy who liked creeping on people’s private moments, and Randall was a huge competition threat who was playing way too hard way too fast. Axel remained stoic, but Randall began fuming after hearing the reasoning. With that, the nomination ceremony was adjourned.

Immediately after nominations, Randall stood up, slamming his hands on the table, and began yelling at Fabel saying that he wouldn’t have to win all those competitions and ‘play too hard’ those first few weeks if he wasn’t being targeted for stupid reasons like his appearance. He accused Fabel of just wanting to act out Emma’s desires for petty revenge, as he knew they were close and talked quite a bit, and told her to start playing smart and for herself instead of just to avenge the fallen. Fabel didn’t respond at all, merely letting Randall release all that anger at her with a sly smile on her face. Randall got upset, saying he was tired of yelling at a brick wall, and signaled for Todd to go up and play chess with him. Fabel stood there, feeling closer to victory. Bella asked if she wanted a cupcake, and Fabel nodded, walking over to eat in celebration of getting Randall nominated. Bella then said they probably shouldn’t be celebrating early, as he could still win veto. Fabel said as long as they worked together in the veto to beat out Randall, they should be fine.

Marly and Aldo were talking to each other. Aldo was telling Marly how crazy it was to live with four other siblings, all of which being older than him. Marly asked if he got along with his siblings. Aldo told her that he didn't respect his eldest brother and eldest of all five of hi other siblings, Luca. Luca gave their parents a hard time and voluntarily left the house as soon as he turned eighteen without saying goodbye to any of them. Aldo said he got along well with everyone else in his family, though. Marly always thought she’d never get along with siblings if she had any. Aldo asked why that was. Marly expressed that she’d probably be too rough with them and scare them off. Aldo tried to reassure Marly that she wasn't as rough and scary as she might believe. Marly didn't respond, just staying quiet and thinking for a bit. They started talking up again, Aldo changing the subject as he felt like it was getting awkward to talk about.

At the veto competition, Bella, Aldo, and Marly were selected to play alongside the HoH and nominees. Randall tried to push ahead and beat the others, but Bella and Aldo actively worked together to stop him. Marly, Fabel, and Axel were the only real competitors at that point. Fabel struggled behind, while Axel and Marly duked it out. Axel turned to Marly, asking her if their deal from the previous week was still valid. Marly nodded, and Axel hesitated to trust her for a moment, but then decided to throw the competition for Marly to win. With that, Marly had won the power of veto.

Axel meets with Marly immediately afterwards to talk. Marly says she’s not going to use the veto, and Axel said he was coming over to tell her just that. He was glad they were both thinking about not needing to force an unnecessary replacement when Randall is the main target anyways. Marly said she also didn't want to be seen as aligned with him. Speaking of which, she started walking away as a group of people came by. Axel smiled, a little impressed.

Randall came up to Marly at one point while she was just minding her own business in the kitchen. She rolled her eyes as he came in. Randall pleaded with her, acknowledging that they hadn't bonded much so far, but that he frankly just desperately wanted to stay in the game. He tried reasoning to her that he’d be a good shield, that people would be targeting him the next week and she’d be able to make it that much further. Marly ended up telling him to screw off, walking away. Randall flipped her off as she walked away, while her back was turned to him. Randall grumbled, not knowing how he was going to get out of this hole.

At the veto ceremony, Marly stood up and declared that she was not using the veto on either nominee. Most people nodded in approval. With that, the veto ceremony was adjourned.

After all that, Randall went around to everyone, pleading and begging and trying to make as many reasons possible for people to keep him. Most people were just nodding and agreeing, but were still dead-set on evicting Randall. Randall could sense this from a few people, which only got him more frustrated. After all his futile campaigning, he played one last chess game with Todd. Todd was winning the match this time, and could sense that Randall wasn't feeling as energetic or motivated as he had been before. They continued playing in silence, until Randall told Todd to just vote to evict him. Todd looked up, a little surprised, and asked why. Randall said he didn't want Todd being put into the minority and targeted just for being allied with him. Todd frowned, and nodded. A few moves later, Todd had put Randall in checkmate. Randall smiled, shook Todd’s hand, and said good game. Todd smiled, saying Randall had played a very good game.

Sam and Marine were chatting in the living room once again. Marnie eventually brought up that she wanted both of them to vote to evict Axel instead of Randall. Sam asked why Axel when most people were after Randall, to which Marnie said that Randall was an ally of Todd’s, and if they could save and gain Randall’s trust, then they could gain Todd’s trust as well. Plus, Axel’s alliance with Marnie and Sam was hastily created and Axel hadn't been checking in with them about any sort of strategy since then. Sam nodded, saying he was fine with it. They went back to talking about more casual things afterwards.

At the eviction ceremony, the houseguests voted to evict one by one. After the votes were tallied, the results were revealed. By a vote of 6-2...Randall was evicted from the playhouse.

Randall stood up, looking furious and frowning. He didn't speak to anyone as he left, and started crying with the angry expression still on his face. He took his bags, wiped his eyes, and walked out the front doors of the playhouse.

Votes for Randall: Elroy, Aldo, Todd, Lisa, Marly, Bella Votes for Axel: Marnie, Sam

Week 4

HOH Pre-Veto Nominees Veto Holder Post-Veto Nominees Evictee
Week 4 BellaS3
MarnieS3 LisaS3
Marnie & Lisa
MarlyS3 LisaS3
Marly & Lisa

After the eviction ceremony, Lisa admitted she felt kinda bad for evicting Randall after seeing his exit. Todd shrugged, saying it was just how the game goes. Todd then went back up to the chess board, playing against himself once again. Axel saw Todd playing by himself, and saw it as an opportunity, going up to the chessboard to play against Todd in a few matches.

Marnie was in the bathroom doing her makeup one morning, leaving Sam alone in the living room for a bit of time. This happened most mornings and Sam was used to just sitting around by himself for a period of time. However, this morning, Elroy walked by and noticed Sam by his lonesome, and decided to go and talk to the guy. Elroy asked Sam about his job, and Sam said he was a farm hand who worked with animals often. Elroy smiled, immediately spouting out a story of one time when his elementary school class went on a field trip to a farm and witnessed a cow giving birth, and how all the kids around found it disgusting, but Elroy was the only one to watch with intrigue. Sam got to talking about a few times where he’s had to help cows give birth, and Elroy listened with fascination. Marnie came by and was going to chat with Sam as usual, but to her surprise Elroy and Sam talking quite a bit, and Sam leading a good portion of the conversation. Marnie smiled, glad that Sam was finally opening up a bit, and decided to leave them be as she went to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Bella is talking to Lisa while cooking up some dinner for everyone. Lisa asks Bella if she could learn some cooking tips, so she could make some better food for her family back home. Bella says sure, and shows Lisa how to do certain tasks. The entire time, Lisa has a constant smile on her face that creeps out Bella. Eventually she finds it hard to concentrate on teaching Lisa, and asks Lisa if she's been told that she smiles often before. Lisa nods, saying that she grew up learning that smiling, even if it's fake, makes you mentally happier, so she tries smiling all the time to keep a positive attitude at all times. Bella is only more creeped out by that, curious what Lisa is like when she isn't happy. Bella finished teaching Lisa, and went off to tell Aldo and Elroy about what happened.

At the HoH competition, Sam gets close to victory once again, but Bella manages to finish the challenge a little faster than him, winning HoH.

After the HoH competition, Cupcake Corner met up and talked about potential targets. Bella said she was still getting really creeped out by Lisa, and wanted her out for personal reasons. Aldo suggested Axel, as he was being sneaky and everywhere and no one knew who he was really loyal to, if anyone. Elroy suggested going after Marnie. Aldo and Bella looked at Elroy curiously, asking him where that idea came from. Elroy said that he had been getting along pretty well with Sam, and wanted to propose making an alliance with him. However, Marnie was also pretty close to Sam and would probably control his decisions if he ever won a competition, which was highly likely with his physical stature and his performance in challenges so far. Aldo smiled, admittIng he was surprised that Elroy was this strategic. Elroy shrugged, saying he really wasn't. Bella thanked the boys for their input, and went up to the HoH room to talk to more people individually.

Later in the day, Elroy and Aldo are talking and cuddling once again. Aldo ended up asking why Elroy didn't care that a gay man was cuddling up next to him. Elroy smirked, asking if Aldo wanted Elroy to care or not. Aldo blushed. Elroy laughed a bit, and said that Aldo was not good at hiding when he had a crush on someone. Aldo sighed, saying it was a problem of his. He also said he had a problem with liking people who didn't like him back. Elroy grew concerned, and said that it's not that he didn't like Aldo. Aldo looked up, his eyes innocent but vulnerable. Elroy knew he had to be careful with what he said next. He said that his goal in life was to make people smile and feel happy and be happy, and that he knew Aldo cuddling up with him made him happy. So while Elroy wasn't gay and wouldn't date Aldo, he still really liked Aldo as a friend and didn't mind cuddling with him if that's what made him happy. Aldo looked down, feeling awkward. Aldo stopped cuddling with Elroy, and said he wasn't very comfortable with it anymore. Elroy apologized, but Aldo said he should be the one apologizing for making things awkward by cuddling in the first place. Aldo left the room, leaving Elroy alone to sigh and wonder how he could've phrased what he said differently.

At the nomination ceremony, Bella stood up and revealed her nominees to be Marnie and Lisa. Bella said that Lisa had been acting strange in her opinion, and most of the house was agreeing with that opinion. She then turned to Marnie and said they weren't exactly on the same side when it came to who they wanted to work with going forward in this game. With that, the nomination ceremony was adjourned.

After nominations, Marnie wanted to meet with Bella privately, which Bella allowed. In the HoH room, Marnie told her that she wasn't too upset about being nominated, as it was a reasonable nomination. Marnie then said that they could be working on the same side from here on out, that she didn't mind the idea of working with Bella and her allies. Bella asked who Marnie was working with. Marnie shrugged, saying just Sam and Todd, and that's mainly just because they talked to one another often enough. She also mentioned Axel making a deal with her, but that she didn't think it was very legitimate as he hadn't checked in with her since making that deal. Bella nodded, saying she wouldn’t mind working with Marnie either. They ended up shaking on it as Marnie left the HoH room, leaving Bella realizing that Marnie might have more connections that she initially thought.

Lisa was alone in the bathroom, a worried expression on her face, but smiling still while looking at herself in the mirror. She tried adjusting her face to get a different appearance, but she had been smiling for so much of her life that it became a part of her neutral face. Fabel walked by and noticed Lisa trying to fix her facial appearance. Fabel was very creeped out by it and immediately left the bathroom, thinking that she could hold in her pee a little longer if it meant avoiding that. She gossiped about it to others in the house, who were creeped out by Lisa even more after hearing about the sight Fabel walked into.

The veto competition was held, and Fabel, Axel, and Sam were selected to compete alongside the HoH and her nominees. They had to roll balls into numbered slots, and the person with the highest number would be eliminated and have to pick out a “prize” from one of the six available prizes. During the competition, Lisa received a slop pass to put someone on slop for the week. She chooses Marnie to be on slop for the remainder of the week. Bella ended up receiving a red unitard which she had to wear around the house for the remainder of the week. Fabel received a letter from home, and was excited to open it up once back inside the house. Sam won $10,000, which he graciously accepted with a smile. Marnie won a Hawaiian Holiday, which she felt evened out the fact she was getting put on slop for the week. Which left Axel to win the power of veto from the competition. He was ecstatic to have a position of power within the game.

Cupcake Corner met up once again after the veto competition. Elroy hadn't seen what happened during the veto competition, so he laughed quite a bit upon seeing Bella now wearing a red unitard. Aldo smiled and told her not to mind Elroy, as Aldo thought she looked stunning in that red unitard. Bella thanked Aldo for the compliment, but said the unitard was really tight on her and she wasn't a fan of tight clothing. Aldo said he wouldn't mind wearing the unitard for her, and Bella shook her head, saying she was the only one who could and had to wear it for the week. Elroy asked if Bella could dance around like a ballerina in that outfit. Bella smirked and rolled her eyes, saying she wasn't going to become even more ridiculous that day.

Fabel was in the living room reading her family letter, tearing up a bit. Marnie and Sam walked into the living room and saw Fabel there. Marnie asked if it was fine they were in there of if she wanted to be alone, and Fabel said it was okay, she was just reading her letter from home. She told them that her little sister, Meethos, had hand-written the letter and was just telling her everything was okay back at home, that her dad was still recovering from his motorcycle accident, but was doing great and enjoying himself at home instead of in the hospital. Mom was still writing up that family recipe for apple pie for Fabel to learn when she got back home. Fabel said she didn't realize how much she missed her family until she got the letter. Sam looked at her with a flat expression on his face, but Marnie said she was starting to miss her friends and wished she could call her dad and talk to him every now and then. Marnie said they’d all get to see their friends and family again soon, but it was okay to feel homesick from time to time. Fabel started telling them stories about her and her family, as long as the subject was on her mind. Marnie and Sam gladly listened and bonded with Fabel.

Axel talked with Bella in the HoH room. Axel asked her what she wanted him to do with the veto, and Bella asked him if he’d be fine using it on Marnie. Axel raised an eyebrow, and asked why she wanted to use it on Marnie. Bella said that Marnie was the original target, but she wanted to put up Marly in her place as Bella felt like Marly was a big schemer that just was going unnoticed by a large part of the house. Axel nodded, and said he was fine using the veto on Marnie. Bella thanked him, and Axel left the room, smirking at the information he just received.

At the veto ceremony, Axel stands up and declares that he’s using the veto on Marnie, as he feels like she is a nice lady who needs another chance to prove herself in this game. With that, Bella is forced to put up a replacement nominee. Bella stands, and says she is nominating Marly in her place for similar reasons that she nominated Marnie--she wasn’t sure where Marly’s head was at and she was just a quiet, shifty sort of person in the house. With that, the veto ceremony was adjourned.

After the veto ceremony, Marly talked to Axel, a little upset that she was nominated and asked if he knew about her being the renomination. Axel lied, claiming that Bella told him that she was going to put up Fabel. Axel told her to stay calm, though, as he would have the votes to secure Lisa going home. Marly glared at him with doubt, and asked him who. Axel stumbled, not wanting to reveal his cards to Marly, and just said he had himself and three other people--which, in his mind, were Todd, Marnie, and Sam--who would definitely vote Lisa if he told them to. Marly rolled her eyes, and said that she’d have to wait until the eviction ceremony to see if that was true or not. Marly walked off, and Axel immediately went out to tell his “allies” to evict Lisa.

Meanwhile, Cupcake Corner met up in the kitchen once again. Bella said she really didn't care who went home between the two, so it was up to the two of them to decide who was getting evicted. Elroy asked if Aldo was thinking what he was thinking. Aldo said they’d both say it on the count of three. Elroy counted down. said Lisa, and Aldo said Marly. Bella laughed, saying this was their dispute now. Elroy leaned over and challenged Aldo, saying that they’d both campaign to get people to vote to evict the person they want gone. The person who gets their target evicted wins. Aldo said it was a deal, and immediately got to work. Elroy stayed seated and ate another cupcake that Bella had cooked up for their meeting. Bella asked Elroy if he was gonna go out and campaign or not, and Elroy said that Aldo would need the head start to try and get Marly evicted over Lisa.

At the eviction ceremony, the houseguests voted one by one. Once the votes were tallied, the results were revealed. In a vote of 4-3...Lisa was evicted from the playhouse.

Elroy smirked at Aldo, who rolled his eyes in response. Marly looked relieved, while Lisa stood up, still smiling. She said goodbye to everyone and wished them all good luck. She then went and grabbed her bags and walked out the front doors of the playhouse.

Votes for Lisa: Todd, Elroy, Axel, Marnie Votes for Marly: Aldo, Fabel, Sam

Week 5

HOH Pre-Veto Nominees Veto Holder Post-Veto Nominees Evictee
Week 5 SamS3
AxelS3 FabelS3
Axel & Fabel
Placeholder other Placeholder other
??? & ???
Placeholder other

After the eviction ceremony, production called for everyone to meet in the living room once again. Everyone took a seat, and production congratulated everyone on making it to the final nine. They also announced that this would be the official start of the jury, and that people evicted from now on would be guaranteed to cast a vote for one of the finalists at the finale. Everyone smiled and cheered, happy to make it to the jury phase of the game. Production then let everyone loose. Todd was just sitting there, surprised that he had made it to the jury when he felt like he really hadn't done all that much within the game. Todd was determined to try and make his mark now that the jury phase had started up, thinking that his odds of making it to the final two were very high at that moment.

Axel and Todd were playing a game of chess again. Todd seemed to find an equal opponent in Axel, as they had an equal win-lose ratio against each other. Todd looked downstairs, and saw that Sam and Marnie were downstairs casually talking once again. Todd told Axel that Sam and Marnie came up to him for an alliance the previous week. Axel looked up with intrigue, and said that was perfect. Todd asked how so, and Axel said he made an alliance with Sam and Marnie in the early weeks, so they could merge together as a fearsome group of four. So, they finished up their game of chess, and went downstairs to solidify things. Sam and Marnie welcomed them both to the living room, and Todd proposed a four person alliance between all of them. Sam shrugged, saying he was fine with it. Marnie hesitated, but ended up agreeing to it. They talked a bit more about plans for the week, and once Axel and Todd left to go back upstairs, Marnie told Sam she still didn't trust Axel. Sam said Axel hadn't done anything against them yet, so he was fine with working with him for now. Marnie sighed, saying she just felt there was something off about Axel.

Marly was playing a game of chess against Todd at one point. Todd looked up at Marly, and asked her why she had been so quiet in the house. She was a bit taken aback by the personal question, and was hesitant to ask it at first. She looked back down at the chessboard and made another move. Todd told her that she could trust him. All he did in this house was play chess, he’s heard secrets from multiple people and hasn't given any of them out and doesn't intend to. Anything that is said at the chessboard stays at the chessboard. Marly sighed, then admitted to Todd that she liked not having to yell. Todd raised an eyebrow, and asked if she wanted to elaborate. She admitted that she came from a somewhat safe neighborhood, but never got along with her neighbors and often got into verbal arguments with them when she was growing up. Heck, she still lived near the area and still never got along with people. Eventually the hostility got so bad, she spent money on self-defense classes as she was afraid of the verbal arguments becoming physical. Todd said the quiet life was a very comfortable life. Not much conflict or turmoil, and people are always curious to get to know you more. Todd then looked at Marly, and asked if she was afraid of getting into fights in the house. She nodded. Todd scratched his chin, then said that if anyone started yelling at her, that he’d try to help her out. Marly said Todd didn't need to do that, but he insisted on it, saying she was clearly more vulnerable than she looked. Marly kept playing chess for a few moves with Todd. Eventually, she said thanks to him. He smiled, saying he didn't need to be thanked.

At the head of household competition, Sam finally managed to get out of his second place rut in competitions and pull out a win, securing himself safety and power within the house for the week. He smiled and humbly took people’s congrats, glad to finally have a competition win under his belt after so many weeks of just coming up short.

Upon winning, Sam went up to the HoH room by himself and just laid down on the bed, relaxing. He heard a knock on the door, and he told them to come in. Marnie was there, congratulating him on finally winning a competition. Sam nodded, still laying down on the comfy bed. Marnie asked if he’d ever been on a bed that comfy, and Sam shook his head. Marnie smiled. She then told him to be careful with this power and be ready to talk to a lot of people, as they’d wanna get their points across to Sam. Sam groaned at the idea of it, just wanting to relax in bed instead. He asked Marnie if they could talk later. She sighed, and said sure, leaving Sam to take a very long nap.

Once Sam woke up from his nap, he began to individually meet with people one on one in the house. Axel walked in trying to talk strategy as usual. Sam just nodded and listened, not really taking it what was being discussed. Bella came in again and tried making small talk again, but to no avail as the topics she brought up were nothing that Sam was willing to talk about. Todd came in and asked if he wanted to play another game of chess. Sam perked up and gladly played a few matches of chess with Todd, but didn't really talk strategy with him at all during the matches. Back in the HoH room, Marly came in and told him to nominate Fabel or Bella as she felt those two were in power, past that she didn't care what Sam did. Fabel tried flirting with Sam to no avail. Aldo came in and did the same thing, the only difference being that Sam felt uncomfortable as a result this time.

Finally, Elroy walked in, and Sam perked up knowing that Elroy was a more relaxed person when it came to the strategy of the game. They kept talking about stories of their life. Eventually Sam asked where Elroy lived again, to which he responded Brooklyn, New York. Sam asked Elroy what city life was like. Elroy leaned back and looked up, saying it was pretty busy and very much on the rude side. Took thick skin to get through certain moments during the day. Sam admitted that he asked as he was thinking of going to college in New York, the city. Elroy looked over in surprise, admitting that he didn't take Sam as the type of person to wanna go to college. Sam shrugged, saying college has always been a dream of his for a couple years. His father and grandfather hadn't gone to college, but he wanted to leave the farm and become a smarter and more experienced man. That’s why Sam was playing this game, and why he was glad to get the $10,000 prize in the previous week’s competition--so he could have a way to pay for going to college. Elroy looked at Sam, impressed by his goals and hidden depths, and told Sam good luck on his quest for college. Elroy then started bringing up some funny college stories of his own while they were on the subject, and they kept casually talking for a while.

At the nomination ceremony, Sam stood up and didn't hesitate in revealing his nominations to be Axel and Fabel. He said he nominated Axel as all he did was talk numbers and nothing else, and it was starting to get on his nerve being treated as a player all the time instead of a person. He then turned to Fabel and bluntly said he didn't like her trying to flirt with him, or all of her gossip talk, and that she wasn't the type of girl for him. Axel stayed stoic, while Fabel was visibly offended. With that, nominations were closed.

A few hours after the nominations, Fabel was ranting about Sam and his behavior to Aldo and Elroy, who were just sitting next to each other. She claimed that any other handsome southern guy like that would've never even thought about rejecting a cute, young girl flirting with him. Fabel wondered if Sam was secretly gay. Aldo quickly shut down that theory by saying he tried flirting with him as well and was actually surprised Fabel got nominated over him after seeing his facial reactions to a gay man flirting with him. Elroy just shrugged, saying that maybe Sam wasn’t as shallow as Fabel thought he was. Fabel scoffed at that, saying that Sam was as shallow as a puddle after some light rain. Elroy rolled his eyes. Fabel continued to rant for a bit, to Elroy’s annoyance.

Axel walked up to Marnie while she was alone in the kitchen. He warned her that if she told Sam to put him up, that she was making a mistake. Marnie turned around, a little taken aback by Axel’s condescending approach. He told her that Bella had talked to him after the veto competition, and that she told him that Marnie was her original target to evict that week. Marnie looked confused, asking why Bella would want her out. Axel said he assumed it was because her and Sam were close, and since Elroy was starting to get close with Sam, Bella wanted to secure Sam on her, Elroy, and Aldo’s side. Marnie raised an eyebrow, asking how he knew for certain that those three were working together. Axel smirked, saying he knew every dynamic in the house. Marnie started getting very worried of Axel and questioned how powerful he really was in this game. Axel said to use that information as she wanted, but just know that Bella initially wanted her out last week and probably would try going after her again in the near future. With that, Axel left, leaving Marnie very uncomfortable with her perception of the house, her relationship with Bella, and Axel’s position in the game.

At the veto competition, Bella, Marnie, and Aldo are selected to play alongside the HoH and his nominees. During the competition, Sam holds nothing back, wanting to keep his reign of power in his hands by winning both competitions for the week. He succeeds, beating out the others with ease and earning the power of veto for the week as well.

-Roundabout by Yes plays-