Big Brother Bryce 7 is the seventh season created by Iloveschool71. The preceding season is Big Brother Bryce 6 and the following season is Big Brother Bryce 8.


Head of Household: Each week, 1 person wins HOH and nominates 2 people for eviction. If the POV holder uses it on the nominees, they have to pick a replacement nominee. At evictions, If it's a tie then the HOH casts the sole vote.
POV: Power of Veto, or POV, is a competition that is held each week after nominations are held. This competition gives one housemate the chance to change the nominees. The HOH will replace any nominee taken off the block.
Gamble: Every houseguest starts with $10,000. They can use it to bribe any contestant any way and that contestant has to follow through with the deal, if they get evicted they keep the money. However money cannot be donated, it has to be a legitimate game move deal for the money. Money can also be used to buy perks in the game. For consistency, deals can only be made in 100's or 1000's and must be whole, even numbers. Ex. not 1234, it would be 1200.

  • Advantage: For $3,500 you can guarantee yourself an advantage in the HOH or POV competition. Only purchasable weeks 1-6, only usable weeks 1-6.
  • Immunity: For $5,000 you can guarantee yourself safety for one week. Only purchasable weeks 1-6, only usable weeks 1-6.
  • Pandora's Box: For $5,000 you can take a trip to Pandora's Box. Inside Pandora's Box is either a game-related advantage or a game-related disadvantage. Pandora's Box will only have an effect on the houseguest who buys it. A trip can be taken during all weeks of the game.
  • POV: For $9,000 you can grant yourself the power of veto. If there already is a POV, you play your Power of Veto after the others used. Only purchasable weeks 1-6, only usable weeks 1-6.
  • Diamond POV: For $10,000 you can grant yourself the Diamond POV. This allows you to take a nominee off the block AND choose the replacement. Only purchasable weeks 1-6, only usable weeks 1-6.
  • HOH: For $10,000 you can become the HOH. If there already is an HOH you become the Co-HOH and nominate one player of two, and have all the HOH perks as them. A maximum of 2 HOH's in one week. Only purchasable weeks 1-6, only usable weeks 1-6.

Big Brother Roadkill: Following the nomination ceremony, the houseguests competed in the BB Roadkill competition, with the winner earning the power to privately nominate a third HouseGuest for eviction. For each Roadkill competition, an RV is placed in the backyard; one at a time, houseguests enter the RV to complete the task. Following the competition, the HouseGuests are privately informed if they won or lost the challenge, with no obligation to ever reveal their result; the winner then names a third nominee in the Diary Room. If the Roadkill nominee is saved by the Power of Veto, the Roadkill winner privately names a replacement nominee.


Houseguest Age Occupation
Dakota Larson 44 Stay-at-home Mom
Donnell Larabee 31 Librarian
Hunter Martinez 25 Physical Trainer
Kirstin Lee 23 Nail Salon Owner
Michelle Fields 26 Bodybuilder
Nadia Ramirez 25 Nutritionist
Ramona Bea 29 Baker
Robert "Rob" Bradshaw 30 Engineer
Samantha "Sami" Becker 21 Internet Personality
Spencer Lowe 21 Medical Student
Virgillo "Truck" Peterson 26 Professional MMA Fighter
William "Will" Laramie 24 Law Student


10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k
DakotaBB DonnellBB HunterBB KirstinBB MichelleBB NadiaBB RamonaBB RobBB SamiBB SpencerBB TruckBB WillBB

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