This is all of the events that occurred in the first week of Big Brother Over The Top (PKML).

Weekday Replay #1

Here's what has happened since the beginning of Big Brother Over The Top!

Twelve brand new houseguests moved into the Big Brother Over The Top house.

Brielleott “I am not just a pretty face. I have an IQ of 170; I guarantee you that I am the smartest person in this house. I was blessed with natural beauty. I know that I can use that to my advantage and just play dumb all summer and coast to the end where I am given $250,000!”

Michaelaott “I have always had a fierce personality. I don't shy away from confrontation! If someone wrongs me, I will get vengeance. In the game of Big Brother, it's going to be hard for me to not let my acid-tongue show. But I think having a quarter of a million dollars on the line will help me keep my mouth shut!”

Ronnieott “I am a NFL tight end. Being strong is not something that defines me though. I actually have quite the complex personality. Despite most peoples' automatic perceptions, I do know how to read, I respect woman, and I love to paint on the side. Big Brother Over The Top is going to be something that helps me overcome all those football player stereotypes.”

Sashott “As a used-car salesman, I know good strategy. I have good sales approaches that I know will help me in this game. I'm a good manipulator and I'm good an convincing people to do things they wouldn't normally do. I will ROCK this game.”

Sydott “I've always been a weirdo and I am proud of it! I am fine with letting the freak flags fly. I am a BB super-duper-fan and I will bring this game justice! One thing that will be hard for me is the social game, though. I'm quite the wallfower; but I believe that I am quirky enough that it is adorable!”

Marijaott “People have described me as a sweetheart. And that's not a bad thing! But it is a bad thing in the game of Big Brother. The Marija that you see in this game will be nothing like the Marija in real life. I will play this game hard, that's what you have to do to win. Even though it's not in my nature, I'm not afraid to be a villain!”

Ruperott “In my life, I've always been the funny guy. "Hey Rupert, tell us a joke!" "Hey Rupert, say that thing again!" In Big Brother, I want to get away from that. I finally, finally want people to take me seriously. I want people to see as a real person, and not some sort of joke machine.”

Reidott “I've always been a sneaky person! I love to pull pranks and make people laugh. I just really want to have the best summer of my life on Big Brother; making friends and having fun!”

Rebeccaott “I love to have fun! (laughs) I love to swim, party, and have a good time. People call me crazy or zany, and yeah, I guess they'd be right! I've never been the brightest crayon in the box but I make up for it in my lovely personality. (laughs)”

Corrineott “I am an extremely intelligent person. I am a MENSA member, I went to Harvard law, I graduated high school with a 5.0. I'm not on Big Brother to find my future lover or to show off my (air quotes) "wonderful" bikini body. I'm here for the strategy game. I'm here to win and I'm not leaving this house without $250,000.”

Giovanniott “I'm a no-guff type of person. If you mess with me, I mess with you back. Harder. I already know that it's going to be really hard for me to keep the real me bottled up. But Big Brother will be a test of my self-discipline and how long I can pretend to be something that I'm not.”

Chetott “I'm typically seen as a smart person. Way back in high school, I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed". I like to think I've lived up to that; I graduated two years early and I am on my way to becoming a doctor. Big Brother is going to add a little spice to my life, a little interest to my otherwise boring life.”

With twelve "Over the Top" houseguests, the party immediately started!

Rebecca: Woohoo, let's have some fun! (pops open a bottle of champagne) Yeah!

Ronnie (laughing): C'mon, I'm gonna need a little more alcohol than this.

But what they didn't know was that a returning houseguest would enter the game to play with them.

(Da'Vonne rings the doorbell and enters the house.)

Da'Vonne (smiling): I'm back, baby!

Corrine (surprised): Oh my gosh!

Corrineott “This is Big Brother, I should have known that a twist was awaiting us. I'm really shocked that Da'Vonne is back in the house; she is a savvy game player and a huge threat going forward. Day is going to be someone we have to keep our eyes on.”

Da'Vonneott “My goal coming into the Big Brother house for the third time is to win. I'm really going to try hard to keep my emotions in check and make sure I am all strategy all the time. Yeah I have to live with these people 24/7, but $250,000 for me and my Kadance is more important than twelve new friends.”

The game quickly picked up pace with two battling alliances being formed.

(Chet, Corrine, Da'Vonne, Giovanni, Rupert, and Syd are sitting in the hot tub talking with each other.)

Da'Vonne: I like this group of people right here. Everyone else seems too-cool-for-school. We seem like just an average group of people.

Giovanni: I think you're right, we've got to stick together.

Syd: We could be like, the Average Crew!

Da'Vonneott “My first alliance of the game is the "Average Crew" consisting of myself, Corrine, Rupert, Syd, Chet, and Gio. There ain't nothin' special about us. We just average, and that's what I love about this alliance!”

Giovanniott “I do like the Average Crew alliance. Alliances are good so of course I didn't say no. But I actually like the other five people. I think we can really run this game.”

(Brielle, Marija, Michaela, Rebecca, Reid, Ronnie, Rupert, and Sash are all sitting in the kitchen eating dinner.)

Michaela: All right people, I'm just going to address the elephant in the room: we should make this group happen. Those six out in the tub are probably making an alliance as we speak so the seven of us need to retaliate.

Sash: Yes, let's do it!

Rebecca: Ooh, we should call ourselves "The Island of Misfit Toys" because those six are leaving us out.

Michaelaott “Alliances are a staple of Big Brother. I formed the first one in the game between seven people called "The Island of Misfit Toys". I'm glad I was the instigator of the first majority alliance. It's really makin' me happy, and happy is not a feeling that I experience often.”

The first Head of Household competition, "You Just Got School'd!" began in the backyard. The thirteen houseguests had to hold onto giant high school diplomas that were spinning around in a circle until only one houseguest remained. It was a close battle between Michaela and Da'Vonne, but Da'Vonne pulled out the win for her alliance.

Da'Vonneott “YAS! I just won my first Head of Household in my entire Big Brother career! It's not only exciting to have that accomplishment under my belt, but I also have all the power this week!”

(The Average Crew is sitting in the HOH bedroom discussing the nominations.)

Syd: You know who you should nominate?

Da'Vonne: Who?

Syd: I heard that Michaela and Sash began an alliance while we were all out in the hot tub. You should probably nominate the two of them.

Da'Vonneott “Syd told me that Michaela and Sash were makin' alliances while the Average Crew was bein' formed. That makes me pissed! I really have to consider nominating Michaela or Sash.”

First Safety Ceremony:
The houseguest participated in a new ceremony called the Safety Ceremony. The following are the Block Passes of the thirteen houseguests after the first Safety Ceremony:


In between Safety Ceremonies, Brielle approached Da'Vonne about her nomination plans.

Brielle: So Day, what are you thinking about the nominations for tomorrow's Safety Ceremony?

Brielleott “I was very worried about Da'Vonne's plans for the nominations. She is a returning player so I know that she is playing the game hard. I just needed to check in to make sure that I was off her radar.”

Da'Vonne: Honestly, I don't know. I'm really just goin' by my gut and nothin' else.

Brielle (smiling): Alright, thanks Day!

Da'Vonneott “I really don't like the way Brielle approached me about whom I was putting on the block. She couldn't have been more obvious in what she was doin'. The least she could've done was ease it into a conversation! I am not a fan of the vibe Brielle is giving off, I may have to reconsider my plans about nominating Sash and Michaela!”

Second Safety Ceremony:
The houseguest participated in a new ceremony called the Safety Ceremony. The following are the Block Passes of the thirteen houseguests after the second Safety Ceremony: