Zee's Big Brother Four
Author Zeebem10
Season Four
Houseguest 16
Fanon Chronology
Previous Season Zee's Big Brother Three
Next Season Zee's Big Brother Five

Big Brother Four is the fourth season created by Zeebem10. The previous season is Zee's Big Brother Three. The following season is Zee's Big Brother Five.


Head of Household: At the beginning of each week, there will be a competition where the winner will become Head of Household, who will be safe for the week, and will put up two houseguests up for Eviction.

Power of Veto: This competition allows the winner to take down one of the nominees, forcing the HoH to replace the taken down houseguest with another.

Double Eviction: After the regular eviction on a certain day/days, there will be a week's worth of Big Brother in one night, resulting in a second nominee to be evicted.

Seven Player Jury: Self-explanatory.

Roulette Competiton: In between every HoH competition and nomination ceremony, there is a Roulette competition. In this optional comp, the winner chooses the first of three nominees of the week. However, they have an option. They may either randomly decide on the nominee out of those who played and lost with the added perk of safety or hand pick any eligible houseguest without earning safety themselves. If their nominee is taken down with the Power of Veto, there is no renomination in their place.


Houseguest Age Gender Occupation
Alek Gianna 26 Male Fashion Designer
Becky Wong 24 Female Chef
Caitlyn Conners 53 Female Actress
Cheryl Dannon 31 Male Make-up Artist
Dan Choi 27 Male Engineer
Darrel Robinson 21 Male College Basketball Star
Donny Early 51 Male Furniture Salesman
Hanna Yunker 22 Female Dance Instructor
Josh Bodea 34 Male Gardener
Karissa Finn 28 Female Real Estate Agent

Keegan Prudhomme

23 Male Bodybuilder
Reilly Franklin 32 Female Blogger
Sam Holtzman 30 Male Dentist
Sarah Killian 26 Female Party Planner
Shonda Fuller 31 Female Grocery Bagger
Terrence Greenfield 30 Male Game Designer
Alek Gianna
Becky Wong
Caitlyn Conners
Cheryl dannon
Dan Choi
Darrel robinson
Donny Early
Hanna Yunker
Josh bodea
Karissa finn
Keegan Prudhomme
Reilly franklin
Sam holtzman
Sarah Killian
Shonda Fuller
Terrence Greenfield

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