Chinelo Okoye
BBTozza2 Chinelo
Birthday: August 18th, 1989
Season(s) in: Big Brother 2 (Tozza6)
Finish: TBD
Challenges Won: TBD
Alliances: TBD
Loyalties: TBD
Times Nominated: TBD
Votes Against: TBD
Days Lasted: TBD

Chinelo Okoye is a HouseGuest on Big Brother 2 (Tozza6).


Age: 27
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO (born in Nigeria)
Occupation: Contractor
Three adjectives that describe you: Reserved, Perceptive and Level-headed
What Are Your Favorite Activities?: Playing basketball, reading, playing chess, traveling, lifting weights and surprising people. Despite what I might look like, I'm not some dumb meathead.
What Will Be the Most Difficult Part of Living in the House?: I don't think I'll have too many difficulties being detached from the outside world compared some other people, so I don't see myself having too many problems in that respect. However, being a quite self-contained, Nigerian man, I think the thing I'm going to need to work on is connecting with the other people in the house on a personal level.
Do You Have A Strategy?: I'm gonna try my best to play up the "bro-y" jock side of me so that people underestimate my strategic ability. Believe it or not, I'm actually a huge fan of the show and the longer the others don't realise that, the easier it'll be for me to slip under the radar.

Player History - Big Brother 2 (Tozza6)

Competition History

Week 1 HOH Loss
Safety Showdown Ineligible
POV Not Picked
Week 2 HOH Loss
Safety Showdown Ineligible
POV Loss
Week 3 HOH Loss
Safety Showdown Ineligible
POV Loss
Week 4 HOH Loss
Safety Showdown Ineligible
POV Not Picked
Week 5 HOH Loss
Safety Showdown Ineligible
POV Not Picked
Week 6 HOH Loss
Safety Showdown Loss
POV Loss
HOH Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 7 HOH

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Have-Not
Week 2 Have
Week 3 Have
Week 4 Have-Not
Week 5 Have
Week 6 Have
Week 7

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Alice Murray Yes
2 Wyatt Day Yes
3 Marcus Putnam Yes
4 Alexandra Rodriguez Yes
5 Lawrence Williams Yes
6 Nominated
Simone Preston Yes


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