Corey Plews was a contestant on Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Corey Plews

Age: 21

Hometown: Denver, CO _____________________________________________________________________

What do you do for work?: It's pretty obvious, I am a Fashion Vlogger/Blogger/Whatever. It's great, I talk about all of the fashion trends on my shows. I also make some trends HAPPEN.

What will be your strategy?: Oh, what an easy question. I will pretend to be bad at competitions, probably until I need to win one, I will make great bonds, that is basically the 2 keys to the game in my opinion.

What will viewers see from you this season?: A fashionable queen from Denver hopefully slaying the competition. Maybe someone who gets in a showmance? 

Personality?: Uh. I guess I'm quite nice and charming. But at times I'm also a bad bitch so everyone needs to watch out. Oh, I don't have a big ego even though I sound like I do.

Hopes?: I hope there is no people that aren't fashionable or that are homophobic. I hope I can make it far with my perf strategy as well.

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