Cyril Beckett is a contestant from Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Cyrill Beckett

Age: 24

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


What do you do for work?: I'm a Sales Account Executive. Which means I work with the bank. It's kind of funny because I don't look like the kind of "handsome gentlemen" to work at a place like that.

What will be your strategy?: Break people down. Possibly annoy them, possibly brainwash them. No matter what happens, I want to walk out with the money.

What will the viewers see from you this season?: Maybe some bonds, also some betrayal and all of that other good juicy lying stuff.

Personality?: I'm not a horrible person, even though you might think that, but come on, it's a reality game show competition! I guess I'm kind of a goofy person at times, I also care for people that I actually love.

Hopes?: I hope I can at least make the final six, that would feel great. I hope there are no players who have no clue what they are doing in the game, or no awareness of what's happening in their game.

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