Eddie Withers was a contestant on Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Eddie Withers

Age: 42

Hometown/Residence: Seattle, WA


What do you do for work?: I am a Paving equipment operator, it may sound boring and long. But it gives me lots of cash! 

What will be your strategy?: Even though I'm 42, I think I can win a lot of competitions and be loyal. Even though people think "loyalists don't have a chance" I don't think so.

What will the viewers see from you this season?: A middle-aged man fighting inside the game. For some reason, people always target the older people, for no reason. Viewers may see me lie a few times, but that's hopefully it.

Personality?: Confident, but people call me a little "too normal" or "bland."

Hopes?: I hope there's no alpha males that think that guys 'rule the house', that is annoying.

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