Emma Gray was a contestant on Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Emma Gray

Age: 27

Hometown: Dallas, TX


What do you do for work?: I'm a veterinary surgeon at an animal hospital.

What will be your strategy?: I don't really know yet, It depends on the group of people. But, I want to win people's trust, and probably blindside them.

What will viewers see from you this season?: A bad southern bitch who's here to play dirty and win. 'Nough said.

Personality?: Even though I'm a bad bitch, I am a bit of a southern sweetie due to me loving animals and for me being a surgeon for them.

Hopes?: I hope that the house is nice, oh, and I hope that people don't eat all the food. Seriously, I hear there is a lot of good shit in there. I guess I also hope people don't under estimate me.

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