JTS618 & Ultra's Big Brother 3 is the second season in JTS618 and UltraBubbles' collaboration series. The previous season in this franchise is JTS618 & Ultra's Big Brother 2. The next season is JTS618 & Ultra's Big Brother 4


Head of Household: Each week, houseguests will compete for the title of Head of Household at an HOH competition. 1 person wins HOH and nominates 2 other houseguests for eviction. If the holder of the Power of Veto uses it on the nominees, they have to select a replacement nominee. At evictions, in the event of a, the HOH casts the tiebreaker vote to evict.

Golden Power Of Veto: The Golden Power of Veto, or POV, is a competition that is held each week after the nomination ceremony is held. This competition gives one houseguest the chance to change the nominees. The HOH will replace any nominee taken off the block.

Double Eviction: On a certain week, a full cycle of Big Brother will be played out over the course of one night, resulting in two people being evicted from the Big Brother house on the same night.

Face-Off Competition: This season, houseguests will be crowned as Head of Household and they will be responsible for nominating two houseguests each, bringing the grand total to 4 nominees. The HOH's will battle against each other in the Face-Off Competition and the winning HOH will dethrone the other HOH PLUS land the former HOH a spot on the block.

Dethroned Nominee: The HOH that is dethroned must become a third nomination in addition to the other HOH's nominations. If the POV is used on the Dethroned Nominee, a replcement will not be named and the HOH's original nominations will remain the same. 


HouseGuest Name Age Gender Occupation

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