Jason Garland
Age: 25
Hometown: Venice Beach, CA
Occupation: Business Student
Season(s) in: Big Brother: Rivals and Redemption
Finish: 14/14
Challenges Won: 0
Alliances: N/A
Loyalties: Haegan Powell
Times Nominated: 1 (Week 1)
Votes Against: 7
Days Lasted: 15

Jason Garland was a contestant on Big Brother: Rivals and Redemption.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Right off of the bat, Jason's perceived "surfer dude" appearance garnered him mixed reactions, although his physicality caused him to be picked somewhat early in the Day 1 houseguest draft by Kendra Benson to become a part of her team. However, Jason's loud behavior quickly was deemed obnoxious by some of the other, quieter houseguests, and even Kendra herself. Jason attempted to ally himself with some of the other men in the house, and particularly bonded with teammate Haegan Powell. Despite this, Jason managed to further make himself an apparent target when Haegan relayed Jason's all-male alliance plans with Kendra and the rest of the newly formed "Square of Strength" alliance, including current Head of Household Mottéo Iglacias. Jason was then identified as a threat to the alliance due to his assumed challenge abilities, and after fellow Team Kendra member Felice Marroquín saved herself by winning the Power of Veto, a stunned Jason was named the replacement nominee. Although Jason attempted to save himself by trying to rally up the votes of Team Kendra to evict Yissendau Martins, Jason ultimately became the first person evicted by a vote of 7 to 4.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5a Week 5b Week 6 Week 7a Week 7b Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Vote Nominated Evicted
(Day 15)


  • Jason is the first houseguest to be evicted in the Big Brother: Rivals and Redemption franchise.

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