Joyce Price was a contestant on Big Brother 1 (Alpha Ranger).


Name: Joyce Price

Age: 22

Hometown: Little Rock, AR


What do you do for work?: I'm an Engineer, even though I'm young, and I'm a female.

What will be your strategy?: Be loyal, a lot of the time when people lie a lot, they lie so much that they can't cover it all up. It comes back to bite them in the rear each time.

What will the viewers see from you this season?: A innocent American girl making one of her dreams come true, maybe some lies, hopefully not too much drama. (Note: "one of her dreams come true" was to be on the show)

Personality?: Explorative, creative, loving, kind, tough. That's the whole bundle, 5 in 1!

Hopes?: Hopefully it will be a nice summer filled with good people.

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