This is a list of the 14 houseguests that competed on Big Brother 1 (JTS618).

Houseguests Edit

​Alec Edit

Alec Jonathan Chaney (born October 24) is an unemployed individual from Missoula, Montana. 

Audra Edit

Audra Elizabeth Williamson (born April 2) is a paralegal from Rockford, Illinois.

Chrissy Edit

Christine "Chrissy" Elaine Hunt (born June 17) is a car dealer from Rochester, Minnesota. 

Colton Edit

Colton Andrew Rutter (born March 7) is a student from Salisbury, Maryland.

Cyd Edit

Cydney "Cyd" Dianna Cruz (born September 22) is a physical therapist from Chicago, Illinois. 

Jaison Edit

Jaison DeNeal Collins (born February 15) is an engineer from Suwanee, Georgia.

Joe Edit

Joseph "Joe" Daniel Ma (born April 19) is an athletic director from Roanoke, Virginia.

Joelle Edit

Joelle Marie Miller (born July 21) is a student from

Karla Edit

Karla Ann Parham (born May 10) is a pharmaceutical sales representative from 

Lia Edit

Lia Michaela Gothrie (born April 26) is a speaker from 

Phil Edit

Phillip "Phil" Bender (born August 1) is a software engineer from

Rachel Edit

Rachel Suzanne Nguyen (born November 23) is a journalist from

Rick Edit

Rick Edward Teller (born January 18) is a rancher from 

Zach Edit

Zachary "Zach" Michael Salling (born October 30) is a marketing representative from 

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