Nathaniel Moore
Birthday: April 7, 1961
Age: 55
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Season(s) in: Kvng's Big Brother 1
Finish: 16th
Challenges Won: 0
Alliances: None
Loyalties: Dorothy Smith
Times Nominated: 1 (Week 1)
Votes Against: 12
Days Lasted: 7

Nathaniel Moore was a HouseGuest on Kvng's Big Brother 1.

Starting off the game with the disadvantage of being the oldest, Nathaniel already had a target on his back. He quickly gravitated towards his fellow elder, over fear of being the first two nominated, which ended up happening. After he had an explosive meltdown after nominations, his fate become sealed after he lost the power of veto competition. As his antics grew increasingly vicious each day, he was evicted in a 12-1 vote, only receiving a vote stay from his only ally.


Age: 55
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Three adjectives that describe you: Tough, Outspoken, Wise
What Are Your Favorite Activities?: Spending time with my grandkids, helping out the community, and reading.
What Will Be the Most Difficult Part of Living in the House?: Being away from my grandkids and children is going to suck, but I will miss my dearest wife, Matilda, the most. She's the love of my life, being married for 34 years, and I couldn't ask for a better wife to be with.
Do You Have A Strategy?: Lay low and cause as little drama as possible.

Player History - Kvng's Big Brother 1

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1 Nominated


  • I did not have any real purpose for him in the game, and basically created him as a Week 1 fodder.