This is Navigation for The Big Brother Fanon Wiki

This page is to help people, find pages that are important or find category's that help them locate fanons. With this helping, people can find different category's, this will also help you find templates to warn vandals.

What can you use help with?

I need to warn a vandal

I have to tag a picture for deletion

I need to talk to an administrator for a ban or block

  • Leave that administrator a message about who should get a ban or block

I have to talk to an administrator about my ban/block

  • If you are blocked use Community Central and leave a message on their message wall. If it's a chat ban, talk to the moderator/administrator who issued that chat ban.

Helpful links

  • Atelda1001—the bureaucrat of this Wiki, any new suggestion should go to that administrator
  • User Handbook—All new users should read this handbook, if they don't they might get blocked or banned without knowing.
  • Fanon Policy—This is the Policy about Fanons, all new users should be able to read this.
  • Chat PolicyEveryone should read this before joining the chat.
  • Fanons—In this category you will be able to see any processing fanons!