Paige Anderson
Paige anderson bb
Birthday: May 22th, 1994
Season(s) in: Big Brother 2: Pvzfanatic
Finish: TBD
Challenges Won: TBD
Alliances: TBD
Loyalties: TBD
Times Nominated: 1
Votes Against: 3
Days Lasted: TBD

Paige Anderson is a HouseGuest on Big Brother 2: Pvzfanatic.


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Age: 22
Hometown: Carbondale, IL
Occupation: Cheerleading Coach
Three adjectives that describe you: Sassy, Cheerful, Optimistic
What Are Your Favorite Activities?: Sleeping, Chewing Gum, Going to Church
What Will Be the Most Difficult Part of Living in the House?: The format of the game. It's like, the Have-Nots are the most deadly ever, and then a lot of times something happens and it's all messed up! I just can't stand it.
Do You Have A Strategy?: (points to self) I am a she-devil in disguise as an angel holding a Bible, being the little nice Christian, but, being a Christian should NOT isolate me from others, and it doesn't in real life, because in truth I'm one of the popular peeps and I'd like to keep it that way while still being a Christian, and I know it's possible, just because I've dived deep enough into knowing God doesn't mean that I should be kicked out. (giggles) I think I got a little off-topic there, but anyway I can be the little pretty girl but I can be dangerous in disguise ALL the time.

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