Stanley Beale
Age: 46
Hometown: Hamilton City, CA
Occupation: University Lecturer
Season(s) in: Big Brother 4 (Matpeng)
Finish: TBD
Challenges Won: TBD
Alliances: TBD
Loyalties: TBD
Votes Against: TBD

Stanley Beale is a contestant from Big Brother - The Spying Machine Season 4.


According to many students of the small Californian University where he teaches and lectures, Stanley is one of the best teacher there is. He is very charismatic, knows a lot of things and enjoys organizing receptions in his house on Campus. He is very close with his students, perhaps a bit too close. He has been divorced for almost a decade now, and he has a 16-year-old girl with whom he is quite estranged. She does not accept well the fact that he dates younger women. Stanley has always been a seducer and he hopes that his charisma and his eloquence will win him a few allies in the house. He is pretty fit given his age and he is determined to give the younger housemates a run for their money : he's definitely not a quitter and he will try to win as many competitions as he can. He would love to be the guy in the middle of an All-Girl alliance and he thinks that his wisdom will be enough to prevent catfights. He is more afraid of younger intelligent guys, "younger versions of himself" than the so-called "alpha-males".

Description from the CastingEdit

Type of Player: Older Guy
Description: Stanley is a lecturer in a small University. He has a 16-year-old daughter. Single, he is definitely ready to mingle (with younger woman). He has a certain charisma and believes he will be the Keystone of his alliance. He'd love to be in a showmance with a younger bright girl who is aware of the (good) game she plays.

Big Brother - The Spying Machine Season 4Edit

Game HistoryEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

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