Zohra Phillips
Age: 32
Hometown: London, UNITED KINDOM, originally from Shreveport, LA
Occupation: Bakery Manager
Season(s) in: Big Brother 1 (Matpeng)
Finish: 8th
Challenges Won: /
Alliances: The Gals Regiment
Loyalties: Lucretia Diaz-Teague
Julia Kehoe
Nevada Reagan
Votes Against: 8

Zohra Phillips is a contestant from Big Brother - The Spying Machine Season 1.


Age: 32
Hometown: London, UNITED KINGDOM, originally from Shreveport, LA
Occupation: Bakery Manager
3 Words to Describe Yourself: Friendly, Athletic and Calm
Coming into the House, what is your strategy to Win the Game ? I want everybody in the House to like me in order to stay the longest. My main priority is to better my social game as much as I can... I think I could use my cooking skills to become an important character in the daily life of the Houseguest ! I will charm them with my cuisine...
What would be your ideal ally? I don't know exactly right now... I think I would like to have some athletic guys as my allies. Then, I'll be safe for a much longer time... At least until the Jury phase...
Showmance, Flirtmance, Bromance, Friendmance... What are you looking for in the House ? Oh really, nothing of that ! I am too old for these... I am definitely looking for Friends, but I am not interested in a Showmance whatsoever...
What is your strategy for the first HOH Competition of the summer ? I will do my best, as I always do ! Being the first HOH of the summer would be great, but let's face it ! I am athletic, but I am not the most fit person ! We'll see...
Any last words ? Mamma Z is coming to the Spying Machine ! I am so thrilled to play this game !

Big Brother - The Spying Machine Season 1

Game History

Zohra's game started quite badly as she was immediately nominated on Week 1 because HOH Joel decided to go after the housemates who fell first during the first HOH Competition. She was saved though because she was sitting next to a bigger target, Halley who had annoyed the entire house with her bratty attitudes.

She rapidly formed a bond with Lucretia and Nevada and created The Gals Regiment an rather successful all-girl alliance. They formed crucial bonds with a reat part of the house including Julia, Xavier and even eventual winner Marc, nevertheless, they lost Lucretia along the way.

As the weeks went by, Nevada's duplicty appeared as she created her own alliance and distanced herself from The Gals Regiment. Meanwhile, Zohra followed the majority of the house until she was used as a pawn during the Sweet Revenge week.

Eventually, she was evicted the following week when the house judged that she was too much of a sympathetic figure and therefore, a dangerous jury threat.

As a juror, she voted for Marc to win the game.

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
Have/Have-Not Have Have-Not Have Have Have-Not Have-Not Have Have Evicted
(Day 56)

Voting History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
Vote Nominated Tyrone Kareem Aurelie Xavier Bethany Davey Nominated Nominated Evicted
(Day 56)